Large-scale state of emergency in Russia “spread” in the Crimea, the network is laughing: “the Lord blurts out evil”

Масштабное ЧП в России «перекинулось» на Крым, в сети смеются: «Господь выпаливает нечисть»

In the Internet appeared the video of a large-scale emergency in the annexed Ukrainian Crimea

Footage posted on the page “Double Kurginyan” in Twitter.

“The spirit of the “Russian world” was transferred to the occupied territory of Crimea… Burn the forest near Sevastopol…”, — stated in the message.

Published footage shows that the fire covered a large part of the forest near Sevastopol. Fire throws an incredible amount of smoke, that drew the attention of netizens.

“Crimea wants to be Russian — let get all that attached. Let me guess the pyni is no longer there, again went the guests?”, “the feeling that the Lord blurts out the Russian scum”, “was in the Ukrainian Yalta 10 years ago. Running through the forest on the mountain. Once a helicopter arrived with some capacity, the water in the sea was scooped up and fire poured out. Put out instantly, while I bathed. Glory to Ukraine”, “no Water to put out nothing”, “you Can put out stones from the sky”, “Nature rejects from himself The spirit, Where he will visit there begins the Apocalypse”, “to extinguish with water is economically inefficient”, “it’s shamans are messed up,” they write.

As previously reported, Russia has offered to change the channel of the Dnieper to the Crimea annexed ukransky “drowned” in fresh water

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With the ridiculous offer made by controversial Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Zhirinovsky said that if Russia will change the course of the Dnieper river, in the occupied Crimea will rush so much fresh water that it literally “drown it.” While Ukraine itself, the politician threatened to “drown in blood” for confrontation with Russia in the Donbass.

“Drown in rivers of blood for those killed in the Russian, Donbass, Lugansk. Therefore, what we want, then let’s do it! Here is the channel! From here turn and went Quiet flows the don. The whole of Ukraine will dry up! Give in Crimea all that is necessary. Once they see the beginning of construction of canal to divert the Dnieper water, all open now! And the North-Crimean channel will work immediately. Choke the Crimea with water, drown, flood will be! You ask: “No, stop that water!””, — burst into hysterics it.

Масштабное ЧП в России «перекинулось» на Крым, в сети смеются: «Господь выпаливает нечисть»

Recall that the occupiers in Crimea howled in frustration, Putin will not save details of the disaster.

As reported Politeka, Putin tightens equipment in the Crimea, is preparing something big: “Russian “peaceful sky” driven”.

Also Politeka wrote about the incident in the Black sea: “tourists killed in the open sea”, rescue workers gave up the details.