Large-scale price hike will finish Ukrainians in autumn: communal, products and that’s not all

Масштабное подорожание добьет украинцев осенью: коммуналка, продукты и это еще не все

The weakening of the hryvnia experts expected in mid-September, so the rate will creep up and at the end of the year, expect 27-28 hryvnia per dollar

As stated in the article TSN, the Ukrainians should prepare for rise in prices of food and communal.

According to forecasts, in the autumn, most will hit the wallet Ukrainians the cost of potatoes. It is twice more expensive than last year, but in September the price of potatoes would be the cheapest – 12-13 hryvnias for kilogram.

It is a similar situation with onions. Now pounds are trading at 12-13, and 16 hryvnia. In bags of 10. Experts advise to stock up on onions in October-November. Then it will be cheaper.

Масштабное подорожание добьет украинцев осенью: коммуналка, продукты и это еще не все

The rest of the vegetables – carrots, cabbage rose in price by 7-8 percent compared to last year. But the buckwheat again breaking price records. After all cereals sown on 60 percent less than last year. Kilogram would cost 25-30 USD. Rise and sugar.

Also expect the rise in price of bread, because every year it becomes more expensive to 22-23 percent, while all products will only rise in price.

In addition, the petroleum products — gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas – is very dependent on the dollar. The hryvna is strong, there are no prerequisites for the rise in price no.

“Every national currency in the exchange rate would mean somewhere in the 60-70 and even more cents increase in the price of gasoline, diesel fuel and liquefied gas at retail,” — said the expert of the energy market.

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In addition, experts warn that utility bills will increase by 15-20%.

The first, more expensive water. Because it depends on electricity. But under the new law on electricity market, utilities must purchase electricity in advance with 100% advance payment.

Масштабное подорожание добьет украинцев осенью: коммуналка, продукты и это еще не все

“Already, many water utilities in peak condition because they have no means to pay with them, don’t sign the contract, do not provide electricity,” — said the expert of housing and communal services.

We will remind, Ukrainians pressed higher prices for popular products: “we will have to tighten their belts”.

As reported Politeka that food prices hit record in Lviv: how much to pay.

Also Politeka wrote that the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new decision on tariffs for gas.