Large-scale fire triggered the Eclipse: “the smoke is visible from space”

Масштабный пожар спровоцировал затмение: «дым виден из космоса»

The whole country was covered by smoke from massive forest fires

And in the city in the East of the country with 13 million inhabitants, the smoke triggered the outage.

This year in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has been a record number of fires. Fires so powerful that the smoke from the fire was visible even from space, BBC reports.

Масштабный пожар спровоцировал затмение: «дым виден из космоса»

The national space research Institute, citing satellite data, reported that the number of fires compared to the 2018 year increased by 84%.

Specialists of the Institute have discovered more than 74,000 fires from January to August this is the largest number since registration began in 2013. It is also noted that from Thursday, August 22, there were more than 9 500 forest fires, mainly in the Amazon region.

Monday in the city-millionnike the Sao Paulo was a power outage, which was caused by the smoke from the fires. Also the smoke from the fires caused a partial Eclipse.

Масштабный пожар спровоцировал затмение: «дым виден из космоса»

Satellite imagery showed that the most Northern state in Brazil, Roraima, covered with dark smoke and the neighboring state of Santa Catarina declared a state of emergency because of the fires.

In Brazil in the crash blame the President Jar of Bolsonaro, which increased deforestation. Himself Bolsonaro suggested that the forest in revenge to set fire to non-governmental organizations, because they severely cut the funding.

Environmentalists are sounding the alarm, as the tropical forests of Brazil are a vital store of carbon, slowing the rate of global warming.

Previously, we reported that the Russian city of St. Petersburg for the production of candles, a fire broke out. Beginning to glow with a four-storey administrative and warehouse building.

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Rescuers urgently evacuated 200 people.

Масштабный пожар спровоцировал затмение: «дым виден из космоса»

The fire quickly spread and is now burning for more than four thousand square meters. In the MOE reported that the fire grade is raised to the maximum level five.

The reasons for the fire and no injuries reported.

We will remind, a fire destroys Versailles, smoke to the heavens: new video of the tragedy in Paris.

As reported Politeka, Notre Dame Cathedral could be saved from the fire emerged a fatal mistake.

Also Politeka wrote that the fire engulfed a school in Odessa: emergency evacuation of children emergency personnel.