Large-scale disaster destroys the Black sea, scientists raised the alarm: “will soon disappear”

Масштабная катастрофа уничтожает Черное море, ученые подняли тревогу: "скоро исчезнет"

The researchers found dangerous changes in the composition of the Black sea

Ukrainian water gradually destroys the large-scale ecological disaster. Scientists warn that soon the Black sea will disappear, the water in which life could exist

The first sign of trouble noted by the Russian oceanographer Joseph Spindler and his colleagues. In 1890-1891 the researchers conducted several expeditions in the pond. The study showed that about 90% of the Black sea, filled with hydrogen sulfide. A clean, habitable water in it is only 10%. In some places unpleasant gas rises to 50 meters above the sea.

Масштабная катастрофа уничтожает Черное море, ученые подняли тревогу: "скоро исчезнет"

As experts warn, the upper fresh water layer, slowly but surely, mixed with the heavier hydrogen sulfide. The process can last many years. Gas gradually penetrates to the surface in small amounts and released to the atmosphere in the form of bubbles. However, the underground disaster can accelerate the movement of hydrogen sulfide. So after the earthquake in Yalta in 1927, local residents felt unpleasant gas emissions.

In September 2016 the Western scientists published alarming results of a 60-year study of the Black sea. They came to the conclusion that due to global warming and mass emissions of industrial wastes in the Black sea may become dead in the water the desert. After a few decades of environmental disaster will destroy all life in the water.

Russian scientist Konstantin Zgurovsky found another threat in the Black sea. According to his observations, the level of oxygen in the Black sea is rapidly declining. But this substance is vital to the local flora and fauna. Experts fear that soon the Black sea may lose the last clean area and be totally spoilt foul-smelling gas.

Масштабная катастрофа уничтожает Черное море, ученые подняли тревогу: "скоро исчезнет"

Professor at the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova Elena Zubkova called another cause of contamination. According to her, the ambitious project “Ukrhydroenergo” for the construction of six hydroelectric power stations in the upper reaches of the Dniester river threatens to aggravate the situation. The researcher is afraid that from-for power plants too little fresh water to get from the river to the sea. And because of this, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide will begin to grow rapidly. In the end, everything alive will die within a radius of 300 kilometers.

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Researchers from Kherson already suggested a way to effectively solve the problem of pollution of the Black sea hydrogen sulfide. They propose to withdraw gas from contaminated water. It’s enough to put at the depth of about one hundred meters of a special tube. With the help of special technology, moving on the surface of the sulfide can be collected and used as fuel.

We will remind, Ukraine faces a devastating disaster: “the radiation will cover the whole of Europe”.

As reported Politeka, disaster is approaching, Kiev architects are sounding the alarm: “it will happen in July.”

Also Politeka wrote that the Earth will cover global disaster, a NASA sounded the alarm: “repeat the nightmare of the middle Ages”.