Large-scale CHP rocked Moscow, rose in the sky the flaming torch: “to breathe”

Масштабное ЧП всколыхнуло Москву, в небо поднялся огненный факел: "нечем дышать"

A fire at a refinery in the capital caused a panic

In Moscow, in Kapotnya district, a fire broke out at a refinery (refinery), reports TASS.

Масштабное ЧП всколыхнуло Москву, в небо поднялся огненный факел: "нечем дышать"

However, the Moscow management of the Ministry denied the incident. The message claims that the planned technological process led to the burning torch.

“Firefighters checked the information about a possible emergency at the refinery. No accidents or fire, the company was not, signs of fire, not recorded,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the office of technical supervision, with the help of torch system usually get rid of excessive gas, which is formed in the process of oil refining.

Local residents have posted dozens of videos of the incident on youtube. They argue that the street is a strong smell of burning and “breathe again”. One of the witnesses to the incident noticed that the flame from the pipe is 50 meters high.

Масштабное ЧП всколыхнуло Москву, в небо поднялся огненный факел: "нечем дышать"

Recall that the largest oil refinery lit up like a match in the attack from the air.

It is reported that a terrible incident occurred tonight, September 14.

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In particular, in Saudi Arabia today lit up the world’s largest refinery, Saudi Aramco.

According to journalists, appearance of fire was preceded by explosion.

“The video [from the event] hear the sound of gunfire. You can see rising above the horizon, the smoke, the flame is seen from afar”, says the news Agency.

Local journalists also say that on the territory of the refinery heard the shots. About possible victims in the strong fire has not yet been reported.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of internal Affairs announced that two objects at Saudi Aramco in Abqaiq large fields and Horise was attacked from the air: the factory allegedly fired at the drones.

The attack drones at the facilities were the fires, however, they localized and brought under control. Who is behind the attack on the largest refinery in the world that can process up to 7 million tonnes of barrels a day, not yet reported.

Recall that radiation blast Putin: the situation is terrible, the truth revealed by satellite imagery.

As reported Politeka, an explosion at a military base and a radiation leak in Russia: the people rescued by helicopters, “hiding the truth”.

Also Politeka wrote that a powerful explosion occurred at the plant, a black “mushroom” up over the city: scary video damage.