Lapierre: “Milos is here to win”

selon-eugene-lapierre-milos-raonic(Granby) The Wimbledon final is between two children of the Granby Challenger. Milos Raonic stopped with us more than once before reaching the finals in 2010 while Andy Murray, he found himself in the quarterfinals in his only participation in the tournament in 2005.

“We, it is known that the stars of tomorrow go through Granby! Launched Eugène Lapierre, Tournament Director and boss of the Rogers Cup in Montreal. Whenever a former Granby is illustrated on a big stage, it still increases a little more credibility to the event. ”

And the timing is particularly good: a few weeks before the start of the 21st edition of the tournament, there are tickets to sell.

According to Lapierre, Raonic has as much chance as Murray to be crowned in London.

“Milos is very confident and he plays very well. Although topple Roger Federer, it’s huge, we saw in his reaction that it was just another step for him. It is at Wimbledon to win, to win everything, and it shows in her eyes. ”

A different player

Also according to Lapierre, Raonic is a very different player from a year ago.

“There is not so long, Milos was first and foremost a big player in the service. Today it is much more complete. It is still going strong, his forehand is formidable, it is not afraid to go to the net and with his stature, it is downright intimidating. Now he can overcome anyone … including Andy Murray. ”

Nevertheless Murray disposed of Raonic three times in the last year alone. Especially in the semifinals of the Australian Open, in January, and the final of the Queen’s tournament, there are a few weeks.

“Exactly, Milos is due. And honestly, he never played as solid tennis. Personally, I trust. ”

Imagine the impact that a victory at Wimbledon on Raonic Canadian tennis!

“Do not count your chickens before they hatch, but it is clear that it would be amazing!” Finished Lapierre.

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