Language scandal broke out in the train of Ukrzaliznytsia: “Go and teach Russian, nationalist”

Языковый скандал разразился в поезде Укрзализницы: "Иди и учи русский, националист"

In one of the trains “Ukrzaliznytsia” thundered the language scandal that had to be addressed to the head of the train

Lviv train conductor No. 134 “Nikolaev — Ivano-Frankivsk” got nasty with the passenger, refusing to talk to him in Ukrainian language.

This was reported by the passenger Yaroslav Popovych on his page in Facebook.

The train served the Odessa brigade conductor, and he got nasty Nina Vaculik, a photo of which he published under his post.

“Talking to me in Russian: “Your ticket and documents”. Ask her to serve me in Ukrainian. She reacts aggressively: “Who said I have to serve in Ukrainian? The Ukrainian language, I do not know, will not teach, I will serve in Russian. Don’t know Russian — go and teach, nationalist” — gave the dialogue a passenger.

Языковый скандал разразился в поезде Укрзализницы: "Иди и учи русский, националист"

He appealed to the head of the train, who said that the behavior of conductors was unacceptable and promised to punish her if she does not improve.

“Vaculik working with us for a long time. Ukrainian passengers we have to serve in Ukrainian, conduct appropriate briefings. If she doesn’t know Ukrainian, then to work a conductor will no longer turn it to the depot. In addition, it will work with all our guides,” — said the head of the train passenger.

Later he went to the conductor and said that it would relocate her to another position, until she learned the Ukrainian language.

“A Ukrainian passengers you have to serve in Ukrainian!” — said the boss.

Языковый скандал разразился в поезде Укрзализницы: "Иди и учи русский, националист"

Also earlier it was reported that the Ukrainians have warned of the dangers that may await each train “Ukrzaliznytsi”.

Wagons “Ukrzaliznytsia” in recent times it has become dangerous to transport valuable goods, and money – and even more so. No one will insure you in case of theft, neither the conductors nor the police. This was reported on the page in Facebook Vitaly Shvedov.

In his eyes there was a similar situation in the train the message “Khmelnitsky-Lisichansk”. This route often get residents of Lugansk, because other modes of transportation, they simply can not afford, this was considered the most cheap and proven.

We will remind, Ukraine will lose commuter train, a terrible forecast about the future of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.

As reported Politeka, “Ukrzaliznytsya” plunged into a new scandal.

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