Lake Road St. Peter on its last legs

avenue-lac-saint-pierre-ouest(Louiseville) It lacks some details to finally settle the legal aspect of the case surrounding the construction of an illegal way in the Lac Saint-Pierre in Louiseville.

The two sides were back in court Thursday morning to take stock of the administrative steps taken by Louiseville. It must respect the different conditions listed in the joint sentence proposal submitted to Pierre Verrette judge in May 2015.

The new road built without permits will be maintained by Louiseville, but the City must make certain changes. The City needs a certificate of authorization from the Ministry of Environment to carry out the work between July 1 and September 30.

According to Mr. Pierre Laurin, Louiseville lawyer, he lacks a certificate of compliance with municipal regulations. As soon as this administrative element is in place, a document will be sent to Quebec, which will likely lead to the issuance of the precious certificate of authorization.

Sabrina Grand me, Attorney to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, confirmed that the Ministry of Environment is waiting for this document in connection with the issuance of the certificate of authorization.

Louiseville must also pay more than $ 100,000 in fines, according to the joint sentence proposal. The City wants to meet with provincial officials to present some arguments in order to reduce the financial penalty.

Louiseville intends to argue that the land area affected by the development works is less. In addition, the City had the possibility of environmental nature of improvement works to replace the financial compensation. The City is working on this for a few months, said Mr. Laurin.

Me Grand said the Ministry of Environment was some concern about the financial compensation. The penalty of $ 101,554 to be remitted to the Foundation of the Quebec wildlife has not been paid into a trust account, a condition for the issuance of the certificate of authorization. Ms. Laurin was reassuring in this regard, noting that the meeting between the City and the Environment will take a few days to finalize the issue of monetary penalty. Ms. Laurin has no fear that the City will comply with all rules regarding penalties.

Grand me much that Mr. Laurin believe that the various works will be completed on schedule. In this regard, Ms. Laurin said that Louiseville is preparing to launch a tender for the various remediation. The tender will be conditional on obtaining a certificate of authorization by the City.

Everything indicates that the repair work to the natural state of the old path will take place at the same time that the correction work on the new road.

The two sides agreed to revisit the issue before the court during the summer. By then, the bill for this record continues to increase for Louiseville. Only in attorney fees, the city is faced with spending 134 $ 486.95 as of March 14, 2016.

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