Lake Boivin, an emblem of Granby

lake(Granby) Outdoor enthusiasts are served to perfection in the area with bike paths, parks, mountains and attractions of all kinds. Why not make your playground lakes this summer? The Eastern Voices invites you to sail with us to discover – or rediscover corners -from real aquatic paradise where you’ll have enough fun.

Nestled in the heart of the city of Granby, Lake Boivin and fountain are an iconic image for the citizens and visitors. The lake is ideal for sailing close to the city center without having the impression to be in urban areas.

“This is a beautiful stretch of water that lies in the center of Granby and in fact I think its greatest asset with its park Daniel Johnson who became a public square for all activities of the population of Granby and surrounding said Jean-Luc Nappert, councilor responsible for environmental issues. There is not a Saturday or Sunday in May until early October that no activity here. And that is thanks to Lake Boivin. ”

One can put his boat in the water in the reservoir near the Roger Bédard Pavilion – where you can rent water sports equipment – or a dock located near the bike path next to the parking station Bike Denison Street.

Note that the presence of motorboat, all as swimming, are prohibited.

Once on the lake of approximately 1.4 square kilometers, you can sail close to the Daniel-Johnson Park or along the bike path. During your walk, do not be surprised to come across fishermen on the shore or in boats who tease the fish.

The hike may continue to Nature Interpretation Centre of Lake Boivin (CINLB) where we have a different perspective of this area frequented by walkers. We simply seem to have left the city.

Boaters can extend their adventure by going up the lake to the river level, bypassing the CINLB and Lemieux tank. “It’s like being in the bayous of Louisiana with the flora that goes down in the river and its meanders. It is like another country. We do not even think of Granby, “describes Mr. Nappert.

Only problem on Lake Boivin: algae. Their presence will even slow boaters cruising speed.

Eutrophication of the lake
Lake Boivin faces many environmental challenges. Its phosphorus level is too high and the nitrogen that is found there promotes algae growth and filaments says Nappert. As the lake is shallow, plants try to reach the sun and reach the surface.

Nutrients are too rich, especially because of erosion observed upstream of the lake. “This is to do the grunt work to prevent the lake will die. If we let it go, the natural consequence is that he will die. Nature will take its place and it will clog quietly. That’s a lake that is eutrophication, “says Alderman.

An action plan over 15 years was adopted by the City Council. The first actions that will be asked are the faucardage lake and a study on all that is upstream from the lake and flows into it.

However, it will wait to see an improvement in his condition. “Do not expect that Lake Boivin, in a term of two years, four years, will be settled. Far from there. Think 10 years, 15 years, “warns Jean-Luc Nappert.

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