Lady Gaga moved into the house Bradley Cooper and threw all the furniture: unexpected details

Леди Гага переехала в дом Брэдли Купера и выкинула всю мебель: неожиданные подробности

Rumors about Lady Gaga has confirmed she still moved in the house of Bradley Cooper

Extravagant singer Lady Gaga and actor Bradley Cooper stopped hiding their relationship. It became known that celebrities moved in together and about a month living together in the mansion of the Cooper in new York. About this one Hollywood actor pierced the public.

According to him, Lady Gaga moved to her lover almost immediately after he went on top model Irina Shayk. Bradley has already released for singer cabinets and gave full freedom of action to change the interior.

Леди Гага переехала в дом Брэдли Купера и выкинула всю мебель: неожиданные подробности

Say that Lady Gaga decided to get rid of all the furniture that reminded the ex-wife of Bradley and thrown it away. The singer already ordered a new one.

We will note, after the release of the film “a Star is born” Cooper at the award ceremony “Oscar” departed not from Lady Gaga, a couple of the group sang, laughed, hugged and held hands. Then celebrity was assured that they share only a working relationship, but, looking at how they behave in public, it became clear that between them have something.

Noticed it and the model Irina Shayk, who met with Cooper in 2015 and who bore him a daughter Leah. Surrounded by a couple said that the crisis in their relationship came long before Lady Gaga, and the link Bradley with a colleague on the set just was the last straw and the mannequin removed from the actor, although officially they are still not confirmed their breakup.

Earlier it was reported that the famous Russian model, wife of U.S. actor Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk showed social networks figure in their underwear, which caused a heated debate on the network.

“My favorite triangle bra”, — signed photo of the Shake. Many commentators asked Irina, is it true that her marriage with the American actor Bradley Cooper broke up.

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Леди Гага переехала в дом Брэдли Купера и выкинула всю мебель: неожиданные подробности

“I hope that news true that you broke up with Bradley,” wrote one of the fans of Irina in the comments of the post, which caused a wave of anger other fans Shake.

“Look at this crazy fan of Gaga’s, supporting someone’s family to ruin the relationship. Awkward! Karma is coming for you! Watch out! Oh, and sorry to break your bubble, sweetheart, did you read fake website – tabloid newspaper which publishes the same post every month for attention ha ha ha!”

Recall, bloated Bradley Cooper lit with new passion.

As reported Politeka, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are no longer together: the cause of separation.

Also Politeka reported that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper broke up: what does Lady Gaga.