Lac-Megantic: one business woman returns to downtown

premiere-femme-affaires-reconstruire-commerce(Lac-Megantic) They are not many developers to suggest reconstruction projects in downtown stricken Lake Megantic. Apart from the registered office of the MRC du Granit, already completed, and the condotel project Pierre Bédard, the construction of new trade businesswoman Angele Godbout, Visa Beauty Health Spa, smoothly advance. It will be the first businesswoman to resettle in the red zone of the city center.

The opening is scheduled for fall 2016. It was relocated at 4480 rue Laval, after the tragedy of 6 July 2013, in a house four times smaller than the building which was located on the trade Frontenac Street. She soon will sell this house to move downtown. She offers even today a range of beauty treatments for the body, including the ever popular microdermabrasion.

But this will not be a simple move of care: she takes the opportunity to add Nordic spa services, hot bath, cold bath and sauna. “The concept of the spa is health services by water, by definition. I already was offering indoor spa treatments since 1999, but this will now be an outdoor installation, four seasons, “says proudly Ms. Godbout.

She also added, in recent years, sophisticated equipment of medical-aesthetic overall concept developed by another dynamic business woman, Daniele Henkel. Among others, an impressive device, an oscillating platform layout, a real human laboratory which is called Huber, working with radio frequency for firming the body, the journalist of La Tribune had the privilege to try. .. an intelligent device with its powerful computer!

Its new building, located in a strategic position facing the Veterans Park at the corner of the boulevard of the same name and Stearns Boulevard, will sport a seaside style, genre Cape Cod, making a nod to the past with its shingle cedar on three exterior walls. The same complex will have a conference room, upstairs, where trainers of Daniele Henkel companies will provide training, followed by people from all over Quebec, draining customers from outside.

Thus, it intends to work and play an attractive role with the resort’s Megantic, the promoter Pierre Bedard, to be located on the neighboring property, a win-win cooperation benefits both complexes. Only Bell Canada will separate building, which is home to only communications equipment, which survived the tragedy of July 6 and demolition of all other buildings.

On 25 October 2013, Angèle Godbout held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Visa Beauty Health Spa, longevity confirms the appreciation of its customers and the quality of personalized services offered there.

“This building is very positive. I can not wait to move people ahead. You should know look into the past to reinvent the future, “she concluded.

The congress center of the record of Thetford Mines revived
The recent opening of the hotel project Cache Domaine helped revive the convention center file Thetford Mines.

The mayor of Thetford Mines, Marc-Alexandre Brousseau, took advantage of this opening to declare that, in this case, it only remained to complete the financing of the project in the shortest possible time. Moments earlier, Emilia Mathieu Marcoux, political attaché of the Minister Laurent Lessard, said that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs confirmed that the amount was reserved for three years.

In an interview with La Tribune, the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, Laurent Lessard, confirmed the facts. “The Ministry of Municipal Affairs minister which I was granted funding of $ 2.8 million for a project of $ 4.1 million in 2011. Since then, year after year, Thetford Mines asked to postpone the project and the amount of money. The $ 2.8 million is still available. ”

Over the years, the project cost has increased from $ 4.1 million to $ 7 million and $ 9 million in the final deposit in the last few weeks. Cache managers Domaine pledged to manage the convention center, however, the City of Thetford Mines would get financial assistance from the fund to $ 50 million from the federal government.

As with the Quebec government, it is likely to remain at $ 2.8 million. “It can not be updated and there is no new skins for this purpose. The government funding was then about 66 percent. The City has to reduce its costs to the initial project. In St-Agapit, we built a center of 33,000 square feet, with offices in addition to just under $ 7 million, “said Minister Lessard.

Laurent Lessard is cautious when talking about the possible use of funds from the provincial capital of $ 50 million granted to the Asbestos region. “Minister Lise Thériault proceed with an update at the beginning of August to know the use of money,” he says.

The JEBFE change names and President
Young entrepreneurs and Bois-Francs Maple (JEBFE) will now gathered under the name Junior Chamber of Victoriaville, a name that better reflects the reality of the organization.

“Over 70% of our members are young professionals, representatives and employees of companies. We had to take a more straightforward name, nobody excluded. The terms young entrepreneurs are replaced by young room, a more inclusive concept. This decision also allows us to reach other youth rooms of Quebec, “said outgoing President François Charest.

Young entrepreneurs have also announced the election of Alexander Fortier as President. It succeeds Mr. Charest, who retires after a two-year term.

Tax specialist at Pellerin Potvin Gagnon since 2009, Mr. Fortier seat on the board of JEBFE since 2013. Its objective is to position the bedroom Young as a gateway to the world of business, in addition to encourage Member to participate in greater numbers in the various activities.

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