Lac Davignon: a gem in the heart of the city

(Cowansville) Outdoor enthusiasts are served to perfection in the area with bike paths, parks, mountains and attractions of all kinds. Why not make your playground lakes this summer? The Eastern Voices invites you to sail with us to discover – or rediscover corners -from real aquatic paradise where you’ll have enough fun.

“It’s a gem! This is the resort in the city with a river running through a city center, which is rare. This is doubly valuable because it’s our water supply, “explains Arthur Fauteux, mayor of Cowansville.

In 9.7 hectares, the Lake Davignon was enough to make jealous. in particular can be accessed by the nature center or via a dock along the street Desourdy for those who own their boat.

Paddling on the lake, it feels to walk around a small bay to the other. From that near the beach of the nature park in the near Main Street, for example. Away in the direction of Brome Lake, the landscape is less urban, apart from a handful of homes that can be seen.

The vegetation is everywhere. Several places are beautiful pretexts for a break for a picnic, especially nature center where tables are available to us by walking a bit. Otherwise, the banks allow boaters to make a little stop both feet on the ground, but close to the water.

Those who want to venture further afield can even navigate towards West Brome using the Yamaska River. This area is only accessible when the water level is high, in the spring or following heavy rainfall. If the water level is not sufficient for navigation.

The lack of power boats explains the peace and tranquility prevailing on the waters of Lake Regional categorized. All other boats, however, are welcome. It is possible to rent pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and even a rabaska the nature center at hourly rates between $ 10 and $ 25. Those who own their own boats can opt for launch via Désourdy street.

Note to those who like a bit of fishing, you can even go fishing!

Health Lake
Access to the lake and the nature center is free. And elected officials do not intend to require a financial contribution. “Access to our world and that of the region also is important. (…) It belongs to everyone and we take it, “says Mr. Fauteux.

Like all living things, the lake is aging. “It ages well, but we must take nothing for granted, says the mayor. The thickness of sediment that is changing the depth during hot weather, it is a problem. There are years when there were cyanobacteria at the end of the season, “said the mayor.

However, the banks are well protected, he connects. This is also why the vegetation is so dense around the lake. “It’s remarkable how people are volunteers and we have no difficulties in protecting the banks.”

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