Kyiv through the eyes of travelers and bloggers: 5 things to do in the capital

Киев глазами туристов и блогеров: 5 вещей, которые нужно сделать в столице

Kiev – one of the most visited cities in the country, annually attracts a huge number of both tourists and bloggers

Because the capital is always something to do, where to go and what to see. So what do you have to do to make your trip to the capital was counted, but to walk on Khreshchatyk and buy the famous Kiev cake 🙂

Tourists are recommended:
1. Climb to the Motherland
Climb to the highest viewpoint of the Motherland monument, located on the territory of the “Museum of history of Ukraine during the Second world war”: see through binoculars the beauty of Kiev from the height of bird flight, and take a suitable selfie on the memory.

2. Descend into the caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
All year round pilgrims from all over the world come to Kiev to visit the famous Shrine of Lavra caves which lie the thousand-year relics of saints. Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of underground tunnels, will visit churches in the dungeon and touch the relics of the saints that is the highest grace among the faithful.

3. Take a boat on the Dnieper river
What could be more beautiful for a walk Dnipro river embankment, only a river boat trip. There is no doubt that any attraction or entertainment can’t compare to a boat trip on the number of emotions and experiences. After all, what are memories then remain in travelers who have been on Board and enjoyed the live music by the scenic beauty of the banks of the Dnieper.

Киев глазами туристов и блогеров: 5 вещей, которые нужно сделать в столице

Bloggers suggest:
4. Stay in an apartment with views of evening Kiev
Treat yourself to a stay in the capital, but also a great place to stay. In Kiev a lot of options unusual apartment overlooking the Khreschatyk, the Lavra or Dnipro. The main thing — to stay on the top floor to enjoy the view from the window or balcony of the apartment. Imagine what a panorama of evening Kiev when the city begins to sparkle with bright lights. A romantic evening is guaranteed.

5. Buy Souvenirs on Andrew descent
Andreevsky descent is not just a historical street where Mikhail Bulgakov lived, and a gift Bazaar where you can find almost everything from traditional Ukrainian embroidery to paintings and glassware are handmade. Forget about banal magnet, You are sure to find some original souvenir or unusual thing. And don’t forget to bargain.

Киев глазами туристов и блогеров: 5 вещей, которые нужно сделать в столице

Everyone has their preferences during the holidays: some of them want a quiet walk close to local attractions and someone ready for adventure and vivid emotions. Try to combine first with the second, and the trip to Kiev will be remembered for a long time.