Kyan Khojandi : its amazing video of him younger (and with hair) – Here

On Instagram, Kyan Khojandi has unveiled a video of him when he was younger with hair. It barely recognises !

Comedian for several years, Kyan Khojandi has seen his fame explode with his role in the mini-series Short, released in 2011 in the Grand Journal of Canal+. Before that, the young man, trained for three years at Simon, has performed in many theaters in Paris, but also in New York. Those who were following him at the time, already had to note how much it has changed.

The skull is slightly out of the blue today, Khyan Khojandi sported youngest a hair mass that he liked to top with a crest. A look that you discover in the images in this video posted on Instagram, where we see him rehearse with his brother Keyvan. “Already in my early days, I told on serious. With my bro @keyvankhojandi “, one can read in the caption.

Surprised by its style capillary of the time, internet users have taken the opportunity to winnowing the comedian : “That was when you still had your hair “, ” hair ! It’s funny, “” But it happened in what at the capillary level ? Because it was not wrong then, eh “, ” The time when he had hair “, ” You’re supra mega cannon, not hurt the kid. “We love it as much as ever, even more old.

Already in my early days, I told on serious. ? With my bro @keyvankhojandi

A post shared by Kyan Khojandi (@kyankhojandi) on Nov 4, 2017 at 5:17am PDT

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