Ksenia Borodina was thinking about leaving from “Houses-2”

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina is looking for a new job. The corresponding output fans of the TV stars did after one of the recent publications of her husband.

On the eve of Kurban Omarov posted on his Instagram a photo of his star wife, and in the comments asked its users which project they would like to see Xenia.

“It’s interesting to know your opinion. What transmission and which channel would be more interesting with the advent of Susie as the lead?”, he asked his fans.

Followers immediately began offering their own versions. Some felt that Borodin is appropriate would be in leading role of “revizorro”, a fashion show, children’s talent show. Others noted that the leading “House-2”, having great experience, for a long time grown to the author’s own project, for example, dedicated to romantic relationships.

However, the majority of subscribers of a businessman to his question alerted and forced to wonder why he asked it. They suspected that the wife Omarova think of leaving telestroke love and after trying gently to know the opinion of the public about what the proposal about a new job she should consider. Many followers and decided that the decision to resign as anchor of reality show was not voluntary – Ksenia could be asked to leave “the House-2”, that’s why she’s now a new place on television.

Part followers sure that Borodin began looking for a new job out of jealousy of Olga Buzova. Her colleague works for the project – she releases her own clothing line, plays in the theater, in films, writing books and successfully touring the country as a singer. Jealousy could get Xenia to start looking for a new place to prove to yourself and the world that the telestroke not her limit.

Recall that recently a former participant of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev said that the leading reality show, quarreled because of jealousy Borodina. Supposedly she was highly dissatisfied with the fact that Olga, and not being able to build relationships on telestroke, from participating in the project, turned to his leading. Continued success friend only increased the envy of the presenter, which led to the final rupture of their friendship with Buzova.

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