Kravets stunned the new look: “Copy Buzova”

Кравец ошарашила новой внешностью: "Копия Бузовой"

Resident “Comedy Club”, as well as a successful TV and radio presenter Marina Kravets has shared with fans the good news

The girl finally decided on a drastic change in appearance. She got a new haircut — elongated square with a slanting parting. Many now see it as Olga Buzova, that in its time was the first Russian celebrities have tried this hairstyle.

In the comments the actress was bombarded with compliments.

“Very raznostoronnej. In any kind of beauty, stunning”, “Gorgeous”, “First chic”, “Marina. Buzova nervously smokes near you,” “Bullshit a copy Buzova! Namber one!!! A chic way!!!! You are very talented,and for men you the unique the diamond!!”, “Ah…! What deushki, clever and beautiful”, “you’re beautiful”, “you Have a Marina velvety eyes! These are a very positive and good people! These usually adore children! Such people are charged with life! May God give you all the best!” — write to the Network.

Кравец ошарашила новой внешностью: "Копия Бузовой"

Кравец ошарашила новой внешностью: "Копия Бузовой"

The word in August 2018 Kravets was the leading reality show “Married with Buzova” on TNT. Perhaps close obsessie with the heroine and caused changes in the image.

We will remind, Olga Buzova has finally found her groom. She planned a wedding, as it became known, thanks to numerous stories in Instagram. In them the singer several times “accidentally” shows right hand the ring finger which adorns the engagement ring.

And later on the Instagram page of Valentin Korobkov, which Buzova attributed the novel, there was a video in which he rides in the car with my mom Olya, Irina Alexandrova.

“Happy birthday, mother-in-law!” — signed video boxes.

From this it becomes clear that after the project “Marry Buzova” relationship Valentine and Oli still happened.

Recall that Buzova jumped off a cliff, shocking video.

As reported Politeka that Olga Buzova no makeup scared of fans

Also Politeka wrote that His plane was trying to find a drinking buddy