Kravchuk warned Zelensky from the fatal error: “you can’t do that”

Кравчук предостерег Зеленского от роковой ошибки: «Так делать нельзя»

Leonid Kravchuk gave important advice to the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky

The first President of Ukraine decided to share my experience with the winner of the presidential elections in the TV show “the voice of the people” on the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

In the first place Kravchuk advised the new President to change the government.

“First: the power to change everything, regardless of whether it is good or bad — comes the new President and forms a new government. Can’t possibly be that I came a President, and everyone who was left,” — said the politician.

He also advised Zelensky not to make any hasty decisions.

“…You can’t do that. Only after a thorough and comprehensive treatment of a person can be appointed”, — said Kravchuk.

Кравчук предостерег Зеленского от роковой ошибки: «Так делать нельзя»

Another tip of the former President is not to appoint to public positions people, “an acquaintance”.

“I should never have made and would like to ask Vladimir Alexandrovich — he talked about it, but I told him once again, not be at the mercy of in-laws, brothers, godfathers, and business partners. Power is the dedication to the people of Ukraine”, — said Kravchuk.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Ukrainian deputies calling for the stop to tighten up the date of his inauguration.

A video message from the newly elected President was posted on Friday, may 10, on the YouTube channel of his team.

In a new video Zelensky urged MPs to remember the words of their oath in which they promise to work in the interests of all citizens of the country.

Кравчук предостерег Зеленского от роковой ошибки: «Так делать нельзя»

“Yet you are acting exclusively in their own interests: fear of the dissolution of the Parliament and delay appointment of date of inauguration. And while you are shaking for their mandates, the former President Poroshenko is doing irreparable,” — said the winner of the presidential election.

He said that we are talking about perestanovkakh in the higher command of the army, the appointment of a new head of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting, the appointment of judges of the Supreme court, the distribution of ranks of generals and Heroes of Ukraine.

Recall that Kravchuk called the main mistake Poroshenko: “Zelensky this is not allowed”.

As reported Politeka, Kravchuk gave an unexpected Council Zelensky: “in spite of Poroshenko.”

Also Politeka wrote that Kravchuk was stunned by the statement about Zelensky, the President.