Kortrijk vs Anderlecht live streaming free

Both teams are very unexpectedly woven at the bottom of the table. Will Anderlecht rise several steps up? Our forecast for the match of the Belgian Pro-League.
Tournament: Belgium. The pro-league.
Venue: Stadium: Güldensporen (Kortrijk)
Date of match: September 16, 2017, 19:00
Football. Other leagues. Corteyk – Anderlecht.

Unlike the opponent, the club is not burdened with performances in European competition. For a week they prepared for the rival, which is a plus for them. Protection is very weak in the current championship. The houses are also no different for the players, so it’s unlikely that anything can be done today against the motivated minions.

Ambitions for the team are the highest, but the calendar is very heavy. In the Champions League the club got into a difficult group, where it is unlikely that it will be possible to occupy at least the penultimate place. We lost at the Allianz Arena with a score of 0: 3. There should not be any injured players, so all players prepare for the Kortrijk meeting. In the domestic championship is bad, what needs to be corrected.

Statistics and personal meetings
“Kortrijk” has not won in no time for three matches.

“Kortrijk” scores in every game for five meetings.

Personal meetings are often won by Anderlecht.

“Andreleht” needs to correct its guest statistics, and this opponent is just a good option for this. In football, one ball solves a lot, and it will turn out in this meeting, because the attackers of the teams are working badly. Many of the main players in the infirmary of the hosts, which should affect the outcome of the meeting. It’s time to score points for guests. Our forecast – Anderlecht’s victory

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