Korovchenko continues tampering: Sokolovsky has not fulfilled the decision of the court and the CEC

Коровченко продолжает фальсификации: Соколовская не выполнила решение суда и ЦИК

According to the decision of the Sixth administrative court of appeal, the electoral Commission 210th district in Priluki was to consider amending the established results of voting in single-mandate electoral district, compile a Protocol with the mark “Specified” and transport it to the CEC not later than 12 o’clock on 16 August 2019 , but, instead, the OIC Chairman Sokolowski made a number of offenses, attempt on the life of one of members of OIK and tried to continue to falsify the election results

This became known from the words of the observers who are on the night session of the district election Commission, informing the news.

“Battles in our district continues. Instead of implementing the court’s decision and the decision of the Central election Commission, the Chairman of the OIC Sokolowski made a real circus. First, it brought to a vote the question of re-verification of voter lists, which there was not a single mention in the court’s decision. Then pushed those who disagree with the meeting of the election Commission member, in consequence of which he fell on a pile of broken glass and was injured. We had to call an ambulance and the police to record the fact of the attempt on the life of a person.

By the way, Sokolovsky is not the first time. She’s famous for grievous bodily harm, for which he was convicted — said one of the observers, and added, — In fact, everything is clear. Korovchenko can’t accept that the falsification of the plot in geriatric home didn’t work. Coveted mandate is slipping from his hands, but instead opens the prospect of sitting in jail. So he bespredelnichat the hands of “their” members to the County Commission. It is a pity that they don’t realize the magnitude of the consequences of their unlawful actions.”

Коровченко продолжает фальсификации: Соколовская не выполнила решение суда и ЦИК

Коровченко продолжает фальсификации: Соколовская не выполнила решение суда и ЦИК Коровченко продолжает фальсификации: Соколовская не выполнила решение суда и ЦИК

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The actions of the members of the OIC can be qualified under part 1 of article 382 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (failure to comply with a court decision entered into legal force), they could face up to 3 years of imprisonment.

“Despite all attempts Korovchenko to influence the course of elections and court proceedings, the court of appeal’s decision to deny the claim and leave the decision of the Chernihiv regional court unchanged and to recognize the elections in the precinct geriatric invalid. Now Korovchenko trying to disrupt the implementation of the decision through “their” members of the OIC, led by Sokolowski. This is not the first and not the only case. Unfortunately, some “policy” continue to apply methods from the 90s.

But we have already shown, that in Ukraine there is the Law and I am confident that the members of the electoral commissions that perform actions that contradict the requirements of the court and the law will be prosecuted. As Sokolowski, which is not afraid of the cameras, tonight tried to disrupt the meeting of the Commission, and violating all the rules of the CEC, worked at the command “top”. She tries to start the revision of the lists of voters in 33 plots in order to once again make the falsification in favor Korovchenko, ” said a Trustee of one of the candidates Kantur.

In addition, on-site OIC was found is unknown, the unsealed bags with documentation. What kind of documents and how they got into the OIC has yet to understand.

Now police officers conduct the necessary investigations.