Kondratyuk died: the tragedy in the world of cinema, his films and television series increased generation

Кондратюк умер: трагедия в мире кино, на его фильмах и сериалах выросли поколения

Heart stopped by the famous Polish Director

Died Polish Director and screenwriter Janusz Kondratiuk. The tragedy occurred on Monday, October 7. The actor passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was the brother of the famous Director Andrzej Kondratyuk.

About this media said the head of the Polish film Institute Jacek Bromski:

“…The last work of the Director — autobiographical film “cats and dogs” at the film festival in Gdynia in 2018 has won awards for best actors, Olgierd Lukashevich and Alexander Konechno”.

The Director was not at the age of 76 years. His work is recognizable by many, including know about them and Ukraine, the television films as “Marriageable Girls”, “Is There an Eligible Girl Here?”, “Million Dollars”.

Кондратюк умер: трагедия в мире кино, на его фильмах и сериалах выросли поколения


Kondratyuk was born in 1943 in Akbulak in Kazakhstan today. In 1969 he graduated from the directing faculty at the State higher school of film, television and theatre in łódź. In 1972 he received the award “Golden screen” for “Barabbas”s Sunday” and “Marriageable Girls”. In 1993, his film “the Voice” was awarded at the Polish film festival.

We will remind also that on 69-m to year of life has died the legendary artist.

Starring in the musical “Jesus Christ superstar” died the day before. Actor Jeff Fenholt starred in the musical “Jesus Christ superstar”:

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“He was found dead in his own house.” Italo as it is known, earlier the actor had repeatedly complained of health problems.The artist considered himself an Evangelist and wanted to build a career as a Baptist preacher. After the termination of the speeches he had problems with alcohol and drugs.

Кондратюк умер: трагедия в мире кино, на его фильмах и сериалах выросли поколения

“Jesus Christ superstar” rock-Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which was first staged on Broadway in October 1971. Fenholt played a major role in the Mark Hellinger Theater in new York more than 700 times. Also with the name Fenholt linked scandal – he previously claimed that he was the lead singer of the band Black Sabbath, and even wrote a few songs for them, after which he was not paid a fee. Members of the group deny that the voice of the artist was used on the album.

We will remind, found the body of a famous boxer.

As he wrote Politeka, stopped the heart of a legend of French cinema.

Also Politeka wrote that famous Russian musician, before his death he changed beyond recognition.