Komorowski was forbidden to wear heels: “the risk is high enough”

Комаровский запретил носить каблуки: «риск достаточно высок»

A well-known pediatrician did not approve of the young lady in shoes with heels

Eugene Komarovskiy has banned girls from wearing heels, considering that it’s a big risk.

Many girls love to try mother’s shoes and happily walk around in shoes that have a heel. As we grow older, young ladies begin to ask to buy them so popular with stiletto heel.

Комаровский запретил носить каблуки: «риск достаточно высок»

Pediatrician Eugene Komorowski said, when the girls are able to afford such shoes.

According to him, 12. The main problem with little girls in heels is the coordination. In such shoes is easy to lose balance, fall, get hurt, something to dislocate or break. The risk is quite high.

However, growing up, the child is more stable and the risk is not to stay on his feet is reduced. Although the risk of injury remains high.

“While the foot is growing rapidly, the use of high-heeled shoes carries quite serious risks. Therefore it is not recommended these shoes to wear girls to 12 years,” said a well-known pediatrician.

Комаровский запретил носить каблуки: «риск достаточно высок»

You can be higher off the ground 12 years, and 14-16 years, according to the doctor, to gradually increase the time spent in the Shoe on the heel.

Still, said Komorowski, should follow a sense of proportion and common sense. If you experience foot pain or you are uncomfortable, it is too early to talk about the purchase of these shoes.

Комаровский запретил носить каблуки: «риск достаточно высок»

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Dr. Komarovsky gave some advice to young mothers how to cope with lack of sleep. “Lack of sleep is one of the most acute problems of motherhood” — this is a well-known pediatrician wrote on his page in Instagram.

Even the most caring husband is not able to solve this problem, because for all his desire will not be able to attach the baby to the breast. It is the lack of sleep is the basis of irrational decisions, family conflicts, depression.

Restful sleep, the young mother is the Foundation of health of the child and the existence of a loving, conflict-free family. The hierarchy of family values in a short time looks like this: child safety-child nutrition-sleep mother. And only then everything else.

I want to sleep? No household chores! First night’s sleep — and only then to clean, wash, iron, MOP, wash, cook, love, nurture, etc. etc. Better to be good and adequate in the dust and dirty robe, rather than go crazy in purity and fullness.

Recall that Komorowski told how to cure the common cold in children: “It can be very dangerous.”

As reported Politeka, Putin ridiculed from the heels at the meeting with the teenagers.

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