Komorowski warned of the dangers of cysts of the brain in children: “the reasons nobody knows”

Комаровский предупредил об опасности кисты головного мозга у детей: "причин никто не знает"

A well-known pediatrician Eugene Komorowski told the parents about the dangers of pseudocysts in children

So often parents are faced with the fact that doctors put their children diagnosed as pseudocysts. Writes Politeka, learn about its availability by performing neurosonography (ultrasound of the brain).

To the pediatrician asked the parents three children, who was diagnosed with pseudocyst of the choroid plexus. In 10 months it increased slightly. In turn, the neurologist and addressed by concerned parents did not appoint any special treatment and just said to monitor changes in the fundus.

Комаровский предупредил об опасности кисты головного мозга у детей: "причин никто не знает"

Eugene Komorowski said that parents were lucky with the pediatrician who was called to give child unnecessary medications.

In addition, the doctor said that half of all babies in the neurosonography find a pseudocyst. It is a small round formations of different shapes and sizes.

“Medical science has not yet established before the end of the cause of pseudocysts, but one clarified exactly: 8-12 months they themselves dissolve in the absolute majority of children,” says the pediatrician.

Комаровский предупредил об опасности кисты головного мозга у детей: "причин никто не знает"

At the same time about pseudocyst nobody knew before babies began to carry out this survey. So do not immediately panic and begin a comprehensive medical treatment. This is only likely to harm the child. To start is to make sure, additionally passing the tests. Only after this, and only the physician to begin treatment, if necessary.

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