Komorowski told what to do when the child doesn’t want to wash

Комаровский рассказал, что делать, когда ребенок не хочет мыться

Dr. Komorowski told the parents what to do when the child does not want to take a bath

The main rule baby bathing remains the same: no violence, fun for all. The situation when the baby is crying during swimming, occurs not infrequently and pleasure clearly is not.

This writes the popular pediatrician Eugene Komorowski. An excerpt from my book “365 tips for the first year of your child’s life,” he posted on his page in Instagram.

Komorowski gave tips that will allow parents to implement certain changes in the procedure of bathing.

Комаровский рассказал, что делать, когда ребенок не хочет мыться

“With a high degree of probability that something will help, then daily baby outdoor bathing will be enjoyable for all family members,” said the doctor.

According to Komarovsky, start bathing the child with water the temperature, which causes the child negative emotions.

“Crying at 32 °C, but is smiling at 35 °C — no problem, start with 35! But after a safe and relaxing dive, activate the rate of cooling of water to make the bath continuously in a thin stream ran cold water”, explains the doctor.

The change in specific organizational settings, swimming can also help. Therefore, Komorowski gave tips on what you can change:

• time of day — not bathe in the late evening and early night, or morning, or afternoon;

• time in relation to meals — not to bathe for an hour before eating and an hour after eating;

• water temperature — generally, the idea is to make the water warmer;

• the intensity of bathroom lighting — as a rule, it should be reduced;

• the person who bathes the child, — a surprisingly frequent situation, when my mother the child is crying, a dad or an older brother — no.

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Комаровский рассказал, что делать, когда ребенок не хочет мыться

“Another quite possible option to prevent crying in the bathroom — combines a swim: pre-washed mom immersed in a bath, after which there is a child…” — said Eugene Komorowski.

We will remind, Komarovsky warned about the harmful a child’s habit: “Science does not know how to prevent it.”

As reported Politeka, Komorowski said, how to strengthen baby hair.

Also Politeka wrote that Komarovsky has crossed all medical standards: “all the time doing it wrong”.