Komorowski told how to deal with night terrors

Комаровский рассказал, как бороться с ночными страхами

Dr. Komarovsky has told, what should parents do if the child is afraid to sleep and he dreams

Night terrors in children do not provide any danger to the health of the child. This writes the Ukrainian pediatrician and author of books Eugene Komorowski.

As noted by the doctor, night terrors often occur at the age of three to eight years and puberty. Their frequency and severity is largely dependent on the psychological atmosphere in the family and from elementary common sense of parents.

Комаровский рассказал, как бороться с ночными страхами

“Scary tales before bed, a television horror, stories about my grandfather and Babai about the naughty boy who dragged the angry Mongrel dog… the Individual children’s room increases the likelihood of night terrors — along with their parents to sleep quieter,” said the doctor.

At the same time fears at the stage of going to sleep (fear of the dark, the silence, the noise of the wind outside the window) require a respectful attitude.

Комаровский рассказал, как бороться с ночными страхами

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“In no case should not make fun of the child may be to sit side by side, until you fall asleep. The most important rule governing the relation of parents to any children’s nighttime problems, is the greatest possible kindness,” insisted the doctor.

Important point: whatever the child does in his sleep — gritted his teeth, wetting the bed, walked, talked, snored,-the nozzles — it didn’t. It wasn’t him, the thinking part of children’s brains had no relationship to all of the above processes.

“Once again: presume experts still can not understand what sleep is and why we need to sleep. All dream events remains largely a mystery, and blame the child wet the bed, at least, unwise,” concluded Evgeny Komarovsky.

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Note, the scientists s of the American Academy of medicine believe that the best way to get rid of nightmares is their rehearsal.

Комаровский рассказал, как бороться с ночными страхами

To get rid of nightmares, you need to imagine the plot likely a bad dream in a relaxed and peaceful state. The content of the dream needs to change as long as the plot and nothing will be left unclear and alarming. It disturbed Association, “sleep threat” removed the anxiety and sense of helplessness.

This method — a kind of cognitive reappraisal, which many (consciously or not) used in everyday life. The most famous example of this strategy: the performance in front of a large audience to provide listeners in their underwear.

Recall, the doctor told me, why have nightmares: “It affects the whole body”

As reported Politeka, the scientists said, what do the disturbing dreams and how to determine impending illness

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have discovered why all people see the same dreams.