Komorowski talked about the hotbed of infection in the kitchen: “Hey poison”

Комаровский рассказал о рассаднике инфекций на кухне: "Привет, отравления"

Dr. Komorowski told a simple way to minimize the level of pathogens in the kitchen where food is prepared and accepted

Popular in Ukraine and abroad pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, on his profile page on Instagram posted a warning in which he drew attention to the fact, as you can keep your health and your family, using, in common parlance, “colored” cutting boards for cutting food.

Комаровский рассказал о рассаднике инфекций на кухне: "Привет, отравления"

Dr. Komorowski invited the Housewives to use in his kitchen a few cutting boards which will be intended only for certain kinds of products, which thus will prevent the spread of pathogenic organisms that can cause food poisoning.

So for example Dr. Komarovsky recommends to separate such boards for cutting raw meat and raw fish, vegetables and fruit, pastries , and already heat-treated meat.

In addition, Dr. Komarovsky recommends and dry them separately to boards do not touch each other.

It should be noted that such “colorful” rules should be followed when using rags and sponges for cleaning.

For example, it is not necessary to wash dishes with a sponge designed to wipe the table or use a rag to wash the bathroom sink for washing sinks in the kitchen. In the latter case, there is a risk of leakage of chemicals in food.

Previously, Dr. Komorowski drew attention to the common “sore”, which is harmless only at first glance and it is especially dangerous for children.

Комаровский рассказал о рассаднике инфекций на кухне: "Привет, отравления"

Popular from Kharkov pediatrician Eugene Komorowski said on his page on Instagram that is a so-called “fever” on his lips and how it can be affected.

“How to treat “fever” on his lips? Spending money on creams that advertise everywhere, or the old fashioned way is to burn potassium permanganate?”, -wrote in his account of Dr. Komarovsky.

We are all faced with manifestations such as rashes themselves and someone from our loved ones. The treatment of the people use the different — ranging from lotions made from herbs, ending the use earwax.

However, Dr. Komarovsky has given clear recommendation how to treat this disease that causes once in the body of the Herpes virus.

Since it’s a virus, there is no specific treatment, but there are drugs that “block” the development of the virus in the body.

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