Komorowski spoke of the important characteristics of children: parents may become victims of their own stupidity

Комаровский рассказал о важной особенности детей: родители могут стать жертвами собственной глупости

Dr. Komorowski told a major aspect of parenting which will affect the entire life of the child

Famous pediatrician Eugene Komorowski drew the attention of the parents to one of the basic principles of education.

Комаровский рассказал о важной особенности детей: родители могут стать жертвами собственной глупости

We are talking about a logical and consistent behavior of the parents.

The main requirement for the parents while upbringing their child is not to become the victims of manipulation of their offspring. This data conflicts with the children and be the most unpleasant.

Dr. Komorowski strongly recommends to be consistent in their actions. And if mom or dad said “No!” the declared ban you need to follow to the end, no matter how difficult it was not.

Based on this rule, Dr. Komorowski stressed that the word “No!” should be pronounced in very rare cases, when it can not do without him.

This issue was dedicated to Dr. Komarovsky’s post on his official page in Instagram.

“Be consistent and persistent in their demands. Do not allow children to manipulate and control you. Do not change the decisions taken under the influence of children’s whims. Saying “no” rarely. Allow your child to choose and decide within the capabilities and security. But don’t change the already adopted and announced the decision”, -told about the intricacies of the approach to the child Eugene Komorowski.

Комаровский рассказал о важной особенности детей: родители могут стать жертвами собственной глупости

The pediatrician drew attention to the fact that if the parent at least once after a failure in something the kid will give up the child the next time will be harder to assert their requests.

“If a kid wanted to your hands you said “no”, and after crying still, the pens took — so you’ve basically created a significant example of how the future child to meet their requirements.Don’t make such mistakes.I repeat: saying “no” rarely. Very rare. Stand your ground — always”- summed up on his page mini-lecture Dr. Komarovsky.

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Prior to that, he on his page on Instagram published a poster, which was released as a benefit for doctors nearly 100 years ago.

What was described in the promotional material for parents is very important today. Especially when you consider that in everyday life there are many new items that will threaten the child’s life.

It should be noted that the time changed, technology also, and some risks remain regardless of how far in the world of science. On the contrary, it is worth considering that there are a number of things that are still objective danger to the baby.

Suffice it to recall defective toys, which are easy to break and even to chew, on available in home small appliances, such a wonderful designer as LEGO, which is inhaled in a second or legendary neo-Cuba, the ingestion of magnets which can lead to serious consequences.

Recall, the top 5 rules of nutrition by Dr. Komarovsky: how to protect yourself.

As reported Politeka, with difficult breathing child must go to the doctor Komarovsky.

Also Politeka writes that Dr. Komarovsky gave two reasons why SARS is difficult to bring the temperature down.