Komorowski spoke about warning signs, this can not be tightened: “there is No self”

Комаровский рассказал о тревожных симптомах, с этим затягивать нельзя: "Никакого самолечения"

Dr. Komorowski told what to do, when a child displays symptoms of illness

Dr. Komarovsky gave parents advice which was published on his page in social network Instagram.

According to the doctor, self-medication is allowed only in some cases, but certainly not when the child having symptoms, which previously never had.

Комаровский рассказал о тревожных симптомах, с этим затягивать нельзя: "Никакого самолечения"

In particular, Komorowski warns that it is not allowed to self-treatment in disorders of consciousness and sensitivity. These are signs like: “can’t feel a thing”, “can’t feel a finger,” there are problems with thoughts and consciousness. When such symptoms should immediately go to the doctor.

In addition, to abandon the self-medication you need if you have any injuries (particularly head) and during pregnancy.

Also, if a person has two of the disease, it is not necessary to treat them from two drugs that may be incompatible with each other. Then also need to go to the doctor.

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Self can’t do: ⠀ 1. When a symptom appeared in the first time in my life. ⠀ 2. No self-medication when there are disorders of consciousness and sensitivity. That is: “don’t feel your finger”, “can’t feel my leg,” something stiff, any problems with thoughts, with mind, not react, do not complain, go to the doctor. ⠀ 3. Any injuries, especially those related to the head. ⠀ 4. Any health problems during pregnancy. ⠀ 5. What you should also know: it is possible that you have experience treating the common cold, and you have experience in the treatment of diarrhea. When you treat simultaneously two diseases with which you have experience, you can use medication with one, and another, and these medications have to be with each other incompatible. So, if you come from two trouble, let’s consult the doctor. ⠀ #dottormaracci #videoak #SDK #scolecotrichum #self #health

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Recall, Yevgeny Komarovsky reported that the drugs often cause toxicity to small children, but if you adhere to certain rules, you can protect yourself from this. To avoid poisoning of children by drugs, it is necessary in the first place, store them in inaccessible locations, to monitor the expiry date and carefully read the instructions. In addition, it is not recommended to give the child drugs for adults.

Earlier we wrote that the pediatrician revealed some features on child hyperactivity. So, one of the moms of a two-year baby reported that her child does not obey adults and hyperactive. However, the doctor insists, you should first decide whether the diagnosis. And is the excessive activity of the crumbs real character or actual disease.

Also recall that the doctor drew attention to the common “sore”, which is harmless only at first glance and it is particularly dangerous for children — “fever” on his lips. The latter is better treated with drugs that “block” the development of the Herpes virus in the body. Because “rush” is invoked in the body caught the Herpes virus.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, if the lips had given “the mark” to cure her with modern ointments not.

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