Komorowski spoke about the urgent problem of motherhood: “Even the most caring husband will not solve it”

Комаровский рассказал об актуальной проблеме материнства: «Даже самый заботливый муж не решит ее»

Dr. Komarovsky gave some advice to young mothers how to cope with lack of sleep

“Lack of sleep is one of the most acute problems of motherhood” — this is a well-known pediatrician wrote on his page on Instagram, writes Clutch.

Комаровский рассказал об актуальной проблеме материнства: «Даже самый заботливый муж не решит ее»

Even the most caring husband is not able to solve this problem, because for all his desire will not be able to attach the baby to the breast. It is the lack of sleep is the basis of irrational decisions, family conflicts, depression.

Restful sleep, the young mother is the Foundation of health of the child and the existence of a loving, conflict-free family. The hierarchy of family values in a short time looks like this: child safety-child nutrition-sleep mother. And only then everything else.

Комаровский рассказал об актуальной проблеме материнства: «Даже самый заботливый муж не решит ее»

I want to sleep? No household chores! First night’s sleep — and only then to clean, wash, iron, MOP, wash, cook, love, nurture, etc. etc. Better to be good and adequate in the dust and dirty robe, rather than go crazy in purity and fullness.

Here another tip (perhaps it will be useful at the stage of preparation for the birth of another child): anticipating the emergence of sleep problems, be sure to discuss priorities and assign husband and family responsibilities before the birth. Easy to talk, listen patiently to the arguments to go forward and understanding very difficult when behind a sleepless night, and in the hands of a crying child.

Recall, the doctor Komarovskiy — known pediatrician, repeatedly sharply expressed his opinion about the behavior of too caring mothers. So, he said that parents who “rush” with their children and keep the house clean, the kid will get sick faster than those who treat their children more calmly. This statement caused a storm of emotions and discussions in society, but Yevgeny Komarovsky’s your opinion on this matter.

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Not at least calling was uttered the phrase that children can not help.

In addition, the doctor told all caring mothers, what a mess, in his opinion, is considered the most helpful: he even made a list of the seven cereals. But semolina, which like to feed the kids in kindergarten, Komorowski mercilessly criticized.

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