Komorowski said what kind of water to give the children

Комаровский рассказал, какую воду нужно давать детям

Dr. Komarovsky has told, how the child would be useful

Popular pediatrician, author and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski shares valuable advice with parents about the health and education of children. The doctor always getting letters from Ukrainians about the challenges they face in these matters. The answer to one of them, Eugene Komorowski has published on his page in Instagram.

“I have a question, is it possible to give the child the kind of water (I just pour in a plastic bottle, freeze, thaw and give at room temperature)? Or is it better to boil? Because boiled water does not remain anything useful. And melt I’ve heard better” — ask for advice from the doctor.

Комаровский рассказал, какую воду нужно давать детям

“No living creature on planet Earth is not being used to drinking boiled water. Melt water uses an extremely small amount of living beings, and then only occasionally, not constantly,” said the doctor.

According to Yevgeny Komarovsky, to give a child of any age optimally still unboiled water of neutral taste. That is, water with a clearly salty taste to the child is not needed. To make certain this water was clean (ie safe) — the task of parents. Bottled mineral water is the best choice. Well a task of parents — to earn money for this water.

“Talk about creepy (special) utility of melt water is by and large “bench nonsense” (i.e., what non-experts say, sitting in front of the entrance on the benches). To medical science recommendations for the use solely of melt water have nothing to do,” — said Eugene Komorowski.

Note, Dr. Komorowski has repeatedly raised the topic of drink for children. According to him, the most important requirement for children’s drinking water is its safety. Ideal water for drinking — unboiled non-carbonated mineral water. This water is usually bottled.

Комаровский рассказал, какую воду нужно давать детям

“Commercially available so-called “special children’s mineral water” do not have any special advantages in comparison with the waters of the “adults”, at the same time, higher price and exciting opportunity to give your child “the-best-especially-children” have a wonderful therapeutic effect on tired and sleepless nights for young parents”, — said Komorowski.

Recall that leads to rupture of blood vessels: Komorowski spoke about the dangers of the popular treatment.

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