Komorowski responded to popular medical dispute: “delete or not”

Комаровский ответил на популярный врачебный спор: "удалять или нет"

Famous Ukrainian doctor Komarovsky gave a clear definition of when should a child to remove the adenoids

Kharkov pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, known for its concise and accessible explanation of the whole pepper of various diseases and the rules of child care, this time told what to do, if there is suspicion of enlarged adenoids.

Комаровский ответил на популярный врачебный спор: "удалять или нет"

Dr. Komorowski noted in his publication in the official Instagram page of his medical “brand” that science has long led clear definition that oblige the parent to contact the experts for a radical aid in the treatment of this condition. In other words – “cutting”.

In addition Dr. Komorowski noted separately, what symptoms should concern parents and which are the reason for surgical intervention.

The indications for adenoidectomy are as follows:

  1. Completely absent nasal breathing;
  2. Child snoring and not getting enough sleep;
  3. If the child has recurring ear infections;
  4. If there is a change of voice, shortness of breath and change the shape of the face;

If in addition to adenoids is an inflammation of the sinuses, sinusitis, sinusitis, or on the background of the adenoids is persistent disease of the lower respiratory tract is an indication for surgery.

We have previously reported that the Ukrainian doctor Yevhen Komarovsky answered the burning question about the dangers of carbonated beverages.

The famous Kharkov pediatrician Komorowski recorded a video where he tells the impact of carbonated drinks on the human body and also dispelled the popular myth.

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“Is it true, doctor, that the consumption of carbonated beverages inhibits calcium absorption and has a terrible effect on the bones of the poor children?” asked concerned that information from Komarovsky.

In response to this question the doctor said that the damage from drinks with gas, but not in all cases.

“I must say – not true. Although the smoke without fire does not happen. Some sodas, especially the brown, add phosphoric acid is a food additive, which is a regulator of acidity. Phosphoric acid can really mess with calcium and prevent its absorption,” replied the doctor Komarovsky.

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As reported Politeka, with difficult breathing child must go to the doctor Komarovsky.

Also Politeka writes that Dr. Komarovsky gave two reasons why SARS is difficult to bring the temperature down.