Komorowski gave important advice for parents: how to cope with a second child in the family

Комаровский дал важный совет родителям: как справиться со вторым ребенком в семье

Dr. Komarovsky told how to behave a woman whose second child was born

So often it happens that with the birth of the second child in the family come not the best times due to the fact that the woman did not have time. Writes Politeka, such a situation can be easily avoided. Popular pediatrician Dr. Komarovsky on his page in Instagram told how to cope with such a situation.

Another problem which appears with the birth of the second child is a conflict with an older child who feels a sense of jealousy. It can manifest in the form of constant tantrums, insults and disobedience. In turn, the parents have feelings of guilt, irritability, acute shortage of time. This is an unhealthy situation within the family, which will only lead to negative consequences. Therefore, it must be immediately deleted.

Комаровский дал важный совет родителям: как справиться со вторым ребенком в семье

Dr. Komorowski advised to take advantage of all the developments of modernity. To minimize the time spent on housework, if possible, to use the achievements of civilization — diapers, dishwasher, prepared food.

Don’t need all the attention immediately switched to a younger child. Feed at first peep, to organize joint sleep, and more. This will only aggravate the situation. The lack of time, emotion and attention in relation to the older child — the main cause of most of the theoretically possible problems.⠀

With a senior child also should talk and tell him about Junior. He needs to understand that this new member of the family and it also needs the attention of parents. In this case it is necessary to encourage attempts of an older child to help care for the younger. You can even provoke such situations, but don’t overdo it. All should be the measure.

Комаровский дал важный совет родителям: как справиться со вторым ребенком в семье

And finally, we should not create such a situation, when the eldest child must take the parent solutions. Most experts do not recommend even for a short time to leave children alone, if the eldest child is under 12 years of age. In any case, even if the child is 15 years remains to look after the younger sister, it must be his initiative, not a categorical demand of parents.

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