Komorowski debunked the myth of a dangerous illness: “no reason to treat”

Комаровский развенчал миф об опасном заболевании: «не повод для лечения»

Well-known pediatrician Eugene Komorowski gave important recommendations concerning the treatment of the child

Well-known pediatrician, Dr. Komarovsky has been vigorously page in social network Instagram, which gives advice to parents.

As reported Politeka, this time Komorowski said on his page on the network that the fundamental anatomical characteristic of infants is the presence of permeable for ultrasound of the fontanelles and sutures of the skull, which allows ultrasound to the anatomical structures of the brain. For example, neurosonography.

Комаровский развенчал миф об опасном заболевании: «не повод для лечения»

“Safety of neurosonography and its ability to detect congenital abnormalities, tissue damage, hemorrhage, cysts, tumors has led to the fact that at the present time it is widely used — almost always when at the pediatrician there is the slightest doubt in the neurological health of the patient,” says Komorowski.

According to him, this diagnostic can detect abnormalities of the brain. According to statistics, almost 50% of pseudocysts are detected, the cause of which medical science is still not fully established, however, clarified exactly what 8-12 months they themselves resolve.

At the moment, their detection leads to a strong stress in parents. Also, according to doctors, these findings often have been regarded as a reason for unreasonable treatment.

“The conclusion of a specialist in ultrasound diagnostics is not a diagnosis and not to treatment. This additional information for consideration. For diagnosis and treatment requires a real complaint and real symptoms,” concluded the doctor.

Комаровский развенчал миф об опасном заболевании: «не повод для лечения»

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Also earlier it was reported that Dr. Komarovsky spoke sharply about the popular myth, which many Ukrainians believe.

The famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski said about whether or not to prohibit the child from cold food and drink, fearing that he’ll catch a sore throat. About this eminent pediatrician wrote on his page in Instagram.

Eugene Komorowski replied that it was no experiments but the absolute rule is to give the baby cold food and drinks. In addition, Komorowski doesn’t think it’s hardening, and the desire for a normal lifestyle.

“Experiments carried out at us when trying to convince young parents that the poor little baby only lukewarm,” sharply spoke Komorowski.

We will remind, Komorowski spoke about the dangers of sleep for babies.

As reported Politeka, Komorowski told how soar feet.

Also Politeka wrote that Komorowski said, there is no need to give your child the medicine.