Komorowski called harmful products, which affect the teeth: “This concerns everyone”

Комаровский назвал вредные продукты, от которых страдают зубы: «Это касается всех»

Dr. Komarovsky described the range of products and options that will allow you to keep your teeth healthy

Eugene Komorowski said about food for healthy teeth and called products, the use of which it is better to limit. Well-known pediatrician, noted on its YouTube channel that we are talking about food that contains the vitamins drugs and certain parameters, which they did belong.

Dr. Komorowski also reminded about the importance of oral hygiene.

Комаровский назвал вредные продукты, от которых страдают зубы: «Это касается всех»

“What you need to eat to keep our teeth healthy and what food is needed for healthy teeth? There are two answers: what you should eat for healthy teeth and which products need to be careful,” said doctor of the highest category.

He said that for healthy teeth we need calcium is primarily dairy products, believe or not some people end up getting dental implants in syracuse ny due to a calcium deficiency. Next, we need vitamin D.

“Pay attention, that in the 21st century vitamin D — it’s not the sun, that foods containing vitamin D: butter, egg yolk, fish oil, or special preparations of vitamin D,” explained Komorowski.

Besides these, there are two parameters associated with healthy food, but we are not talking about the products.

“In order for food to be useful, the food you need to chew. The constant stress on the chewing muscles are very useful for healthy teeth. Another factor — in the mouth should not be any leftovers. That is, you need to brush your teeth after a meal or rinse your mouth, that’s the key to proper teeth care” recommends Komorowski.

Also earlier it was reported that Eugene Komorowski gave useful tips that will help any parent.

Dr. Komarovsky on his Youtube channel called a very important rule for young parents.

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In particular, the pediatrician told children about nutrition and answered questions: should children salt and what amount wouldn’t hurt?

As reported Komorowski, children’s attitudes toward salt is very different from the perception of an adult.

The child up to one year there is a functional immaturity of the kidneys, causing an excess of salt adversely affects the work of the urinary and cardiovascular systems.

We will remind, Komorowski said on the popular medical debate: “delete or not”.

As reported Politeka, the child can eat unwashed fruit if they grow away from the road — Dr. Komarovsky.

Also Politeka writes that Komorowski spoke about the disease of dirty hands: there is no cure.