Komorowski appealed to the new President after the elections: “only one Way”

Комаровский обратился к новому президенту после выборов:  "Путь только один"

Famous Ukrainian doctor Yevhen Komarovsky advised, as the head of state can improve the reform of the Ministry of health

April 21, election day, Eugene Komorowski addressed to the President of Ukraine regarding changes in the medical field. On his page on the social network Facebook pediatrician in detail all the necessary steps.

The doctor noted that despite the reform, the Ministry of health may not stop the epidemic of measles. Eugene Komorowski called the disease of great danger for the country and proposed to move to radical action. In his opinion, after the elections the new President will need to bring the situation under control.

Комаровский обратился к новому президенту после выборов:  "Путь только один"

“Only one way: vaccination, both children and adults.
Measles is a real threat to national security. The President must come to the aid of the Ministry”, — said Eugene Komorowski in the social network.

The doctor urged lawyers to impose liability for the falsification of statistical data and specific references, to apply all sorts of restrictions to those who refuse vaccination. To do this is to introduce to Parliament a bill and take it through an accelerated procedure. You need to allocate additional money for the free vaccines for children and adults in all care settings. And laboratories engaged in the determination of immunity to measles, you need to provide benefits.

Комаровский обратился к новому президенту после выборов:  "Путь только один"

In addition, Eugene Komorowski, the President proposed to introduce control over the vaccination in schools. And also start the promotion of vaccination in all media. The author believes that we need to encourage employers, parents, and physicians that actively advocate for vaccinations.

“All the reason to gather the national security Council, to discuss, to develop the program, and to act decisively,” said Yevgeny Komarovsky. — “The President should not accept a situation, when the eyes of the whole country goes to war the Ministry of health and the parliamentary health Committee. The President should not allow the Minister, he walked with a humiliating prefix “acting”. The President shall by word and deed to demonstrate personal attitude towards vaccination. And more…”.

We will remind, Komorowski said, would the Minister Zelensky: “the attack started”.

As reported Politeka, Komorowski in the team Zelensky warned about the great danger: “Already thousands of cases!”.

Also Politeka wrote that Komorowski told how soar feet.