Komarovsky discovers the truth about popular drugs from SARS: “You should know that…”

Комаровский раскрыл правду о популярных препаратах от ОРВИ: "Вы должны знать, что..."

Dr. Komarovsky explained the use of a particular protein interferon

For its use should be approached with extreme caution so as not to harm health, says Politeka. This is a special protein that not only has a pronounced antiviral activity, but also regulates many immune responses. It is composed of many drugs and need to know its features, which would correctly apply.

Комаровский раскрыл правду о популярных препаратах от ОРВИ: "Вы должны знать, что..."

Interferon as a drug exists in two forms:

  1. Natural interferon derived from leukocytes of donor blood. The drug in most countries with developed medicine at the present time practically not used. First, because donor blood is used, so you can’t avoid getting into the finished product pathogens of blood infections (HIV, hepatitis). Second, because the composition of such interferons fragile, and drugs are always present undesirable components of protein origin. Third, despite the widespread use, there is no evidence of the effectiveness of natural interferons used in the form of nose drops for the treatment of SARS.
  2. Artificial, so-called recombinant interferon created through genetic engineering technology.

To a greater extent such a protein is used as an injection to treat life threatening diseases. In this case, on parental self-treatment may not be considered.

Recombinant interferon is used in the form of injections and is used for the treatment of very dangerous diseases that certainly are not related to parent self-treatment (hepatitis b, C and D, herpes, some cancers).

Комаровский раскрыл правду о популярных препаратах от ОРВИ: "Вы должны знать, что..."

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It is worth saying that the recombinant interferon is produced in the form of drugs for rectal and topical use. It largely recommended by doctors in the treatment of SARS and the prevention of this disease.

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