Kolomoisky will pay for Privat, but with a condition: “This is some kind of tin”

Коломойскому заплатят за ПриватБанк, но с условием: «Это жесть какая-то»

Victoria insurance has offered to pay $ 2 billion for PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky offsets

About this, former corporate Secretary of PrivatBank insurance, now part of the team Zelensky, said in an interview Bihus.info of the resource “Bizns.NV”.

As you know, Strakhov said, if the court finds PrivatBank illegal nationalization, will be organized a settlement agreement under which the Bank will remain in state ownership.

“PrivatBank is the state, Igor gets his $2 billion, but they are in fact the hands are not given. They go to repayment of loans to related companies”. Strakhov also said that most of the loans related to former owners of companies that are not serviced. “Why not make the offset? If he should — enroll. And maybe a little bit more Igor will have to PrivatBank” she said. Still insurance sure that $ 2 billion, of which Kolomoisky said, is the amount of the Bank’s capital at the time of nationalization (21 billion) and liabilities to related parties 29.,UAH 4 billion (about $1.1 billion), which were forcibly converted by the procedure of bail-in.

Strakhov added that during nationalize Kolomoisky admitted that part of the loans issued to related parties. “As I understand it, he agreed [in the amount] of up to 60 billion UAH”, — she said. Insurance has estimated that as a result of the offsetting of the company Kolomoisky PrivatBank will have about 10 billion UAH.

Under published article gathered a lot of comments. Users have a negative attitude to the payment of two billion Igor Kolomoisky.

Коломойскому заплатят за ПриватБанк, но с условием: «Это жесть какая-то»

“When he gets drunk, robbed a Bank, and yet not enough for him; he Bogolyubov even bigger huckster than Poroshenko. Thanks to their scams, the government was forced to invest huge sums of taxpayers, And about the return of citizens of Ukraine 5 billion Euro it is not…… TSE tin yakas,” wrote one user.

Recall that the government can pay only 100 billion UAH of the 176 billion UAH to Privat.

As reported Politeka, Igor Kolomoisky, said he was ready to return the money, if it is proved the fact of their removal.

Also Politeka wrote that Igor Kolomoisky said that he “does not understand the state’s position” at the Bank.