Kolomoisky was surprised by a strange superstition about Zelensky: “I can’t…”

Коломойский удивил странным предрассудком насчет Зеленского: «Я не могу…»

Igor Kolomoisky told about his relationship with Vladimir Zelensky

Ukrainian businessman September 13, attended the annual meeting of the Yalta economic strategy (YES) in Kiev. The event was an address by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, however, Kolomoisky demonstration came later and did not cross the President.

As it turned out, the businessman has done this deliberately. Commenting on the incident Kolomoisky said:

“I can’t appear where there are Zelensky. To me it is pleasant, but maybe I disliked him,” reports LB.ua.

The businessman also spoke about the meeting with Zelensky, which was held recently. According to Kolomoisky, he was in the President’s Office is not on its own initiative. “Invited”, — said the businessman.

Коломойский удивил странным предрассудком насчет Зеленского: «Я не могу…»

He added that this meeting was only for the last four months.

“You understand that to be adviser, to advise continuously and not once in 4 months. I did not say that I advised him something. Our conversation was devoted to practical issues associated with the heating season”, — said Kolomoisky reporters.

The last meeting on the sidelines of the forum also commented on Zelensky. He said that he had talked with Kolomoisky on how to facilitate the life of the Ukrainians in the utility tariffs.

“Everyone should live by the rules. Monopoly will not” — promised the President, stressing that this rule applies to Kolomoisky.

“For all. In particular, for Mr. Kolomoisky. Indeed, he contributed to any costs associated with the “communal” decreased,” said Zelensky.

He is sure that the owner heard him: “Sure. We will see the result.”

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Previously, we wrote about the fact that Vladimir Zelensky met with Igor Kolomoisky to discuss issues of business in Ukraine.

Коломойский удивил странным предрассудком насчет Зеленского: «Я не могу…»

The meeting of the President with an entrepreneur was held on the evening of 10 September. They reported it on the channel of the Office of the President in the Telegram. It is known that in the framework of the meeting Zelensky and Kolomoisky discussed issues of doing business in Ukraine. We also raised the problems of the energy sector.

In the Office of the President has reminded that in June, during the forum “Dialogue of business and authorities” Vladimir Zelensky invited Ukrainian businessmen to invest in the restoration of Donbas infrastructure. The President also appealed to the representatives of big business to help the government in solving social problems.

Recall Zelensky warned the oligarchs of the new rules.

As reported Politeka, Palchevskogo suggested the team Zelensky new format of meetings with the oligarchs.

Also Politeka wrote that the revolt broke out in the Servant of the people, rebelled against Zelensky.