Kolomoisky was struck by the statement about working with Zelensky-President: “I’m ready”

Коломойский поразил заявлением о работе с Зеленским-президентом: "Я готов"

The leader of presidential race in Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky has repeatedly said that Igor Kolomoisky he only partnership associates because of their TV business, but the businessman said he was ready and more cooperation

Igor Kolomoisky in a recent interview to a famous TV channel in Russia, NTV, expressed willingness to help the future President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky:

“I am ready to help him with advice and sometimes help, but this is not a mass phenomenon,” — said Igor Kolomoisky in an interview with journalists of the Russian TV channel NTV.

Says a well-known businessman Igor Kolomoisky with Vladimir Zelensky he led the conversation on the phone about two or three days ago. In addition, he explained what status will agree to work with the future President:

“Well, high to advise him with something”, — says Igor Kolomoisky. It is worth noting that earlier Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview that his Association with Igor Kolomoisky kept to a minimum and they’re only talking about the television business.

Recall Zelensky gave all about the future of PrivatBank, and what will happen to him soon.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky appeared on Twitter and published the long-awaited post.

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