Kolomoisky started making the diagrams in power sector — expert

Коломойский начал зарабатывать на схемах в электроэнергетике, — эксперт

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky expanding its sphere of influence, and earns not only in the oil and gas industry, but also in the diagrams in the power industry

About it, according to the publication Economic news, wrote the Director of “Consulting group “A-95” Sergey Kuiun on his page in Facebook, commenting on the meeting of the President with businessman Igor Kolomoisky, which discussed energy issues.

“Somehow it all went wrong… If before with Igor Valeryevich was talking only about oil with oil and a little for gas, it is now about coal with electricity. While the new Minister is not interested in, such as “Privat” is going to pay off debts owed to “Ukrnafta” is the largest debtor of the state budget. Or, for example, why is the margin at the pump CPI this year has grown twice? It’s some kind of misunderstanding or is it pokraschennya long?”, — posted by Kuyun.

The expert also wonders how many will work oligo on the corruption scheme in the state company “Centrenergo”, which buys the overpriced coal by the company related to Kolomoisky, electricity and sells it to companies at unprofitable rates.

“And on coal for “Centrenergo” is also this dynamic of margin? Or more? Or less? We will probably find out later. If only it was not too late…”, — wrote Kuiun.

We will remind, earlier ex-the head of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities, Mr wolf suggested that the government legalize businessman Igor Kolomoisky in the energy sector, where corruption schemes oligarch law enforcement agencies do not notice.

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Recently, the media released information that the state company “Centrenergo” has signed a contract for the purchase of Russian coal by 400 million UAH from Boryspil unknown firm, “Oil Force”, is the founder and Director of which is directly related to the activities of the group “Privat”. And “Centrenergo” buys coal at UAH 2,500 per tonne, considerably higher than the price calculated by the formula “Rotterdam +”, which is 1740 UAH per ton. At the same time produced from this coal electricity the company sells at a reduced rate to companies owned by Igor Kolomoisky.