Kolomoisky is trying to prevent the privatization of Centrenergo media

Коломойский пытается не допустить приватизации "Центрэнерго" - СМИ

People businessman Igor Kolomoisky brought to bankruptcy the company “Centrenergo”, in order to prevent its privatization.

As reported by the Apostrophe, this is referred to in the article “Who is preventing the privatization of “Centrenergo” edition “Capital”.

It is noted that for two months of work in “Tsentrenergo” new management, close to Igor Kolomoisky, the company became unprofitable. According to experts, the amount of damages only in July-August amounts to UAH 1.3 bn. Thus, the company loses its attractiveness for potential investors and those wishing to participate in its privatization will not be in the interests of the oligarch who wants to keep control over it.

“Centrenergo” accelerating driven in large losses to ensure that no investor willing to participate in the privatization tender. Then the “curator”Centrenergo will be able to breathe easily and will continue to do art – the socialization of losses and privatization of profits. Privatization of Centrenergo is not in his interest, much nicer with the benefit of control of financial and commodity flows of state-owned companies,” — says the author of the material.

The author notes that law enforcement authorities do not see abuse in “Tsentrenergo”, and don’t respond to publications about corruption in state-owned companies. In his opinion, if the scheme will not be suppressed, as claimed by the government privatization plan will fail, and the oligarch will continue to receive income from the state.

“If the new government different from the old one, the statement about the rate Zelensky in “big privatization” of law enforcement and anti-corruption bodies should be seen as a signal to suppress schemes for Centrenergo and other companies which are candidates for privatization. Otherwise the ambitious plans of privatization will fail, the state budget revenues from privatization will be minimal. But the oligarch who helped come to power, the new team will continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the state,” the author notes.

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Earlier, ex-Chairman of the Lugansk regional military-civil administration and ex-Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal said that the NAB has to deal with the corrupt abuses of the state company “Centrenergo”, which purchases Russian coal at inflated prices from the company related to Ihor Kolomoisky.

According to media reports, the state company “Centrenergo” has signed a contract for the purchase of Russian coal by 400 million UAH from Boryspil firm “Oil Force”, is the founder and Director of which is directly related to the activities of the group “Privat” — controls the ANP stations controlled by the Privat group.