Kolomoisky in Ukraine: “personally confirmed”, first details

Коломойский уже в Украине: «подтвердил лично», первые подробности

Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, returned to Ukraine from Israel in the night of Thursday, may 16

It has not been in our country since June of 2017.

On the return Kolomoisky said the journalist of the project “Schema” Michael weaver in his Telegram channel.

“At 02:30 from tel Aviv to the airport Dnepr flew the plane group “Privat”, tail number UR-PRT. On passengers so far no information”, – he wrote.

Коломойский уже в Украине: «подтвердил лично», первые подробности

The journalist later added that, according to sources, this aircraft flew the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

After a while, the oligarch in an interview theБабель confirmed that he had returned to Ukraine. When asked what he would do in the first place, Kolomoisky said he did not know.

Kolomoisky has not been in Ukraine since June of 2017 and he lived in Geneva (Switzerland). From September 2018, he was in Israel, in Herzliya. In an interview with “Schemes” Kolomoisky said that he moved from Switzerland to another country “for family reasons” and has stated that he plans to return to Ukraine.

Note also, on Sunday, may 12, in Ukraine from Israel arrived, the business partner of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the former owner of “Privat” Gennady Bogolyubov.

Earlier Igor Kolomoysky said that he would return to Ukraine after announcement of results of elections of the President of the country.

Kolomoisky in a recent interview to a famous TV channel in Russia, NTV, expressed willingness to help the future President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

“I am ready to help him with advice and sometimes help, but this is not a mass phenomenon,” — said Igor Kolomoisky in an interview with journalists of the Russian TV channel NTV.

Коломойский уже в Украине: «подтвердил лично», первые подробности

Recall that Kolomoisky called the name of the new Prime Minister under Zelensky: out in the open.

As reported Politeka, a well-known journalist revealed plans Zelensky: “the Verkhovna Rada and will not dissolve, and will not leave.”

Also Politeka wrote that the controversial Kolomoisky, a lawyer disclosed the agreement with Zelensky: “first of all, I…”.