Koh-Lanta : it knows the destination of the next edition All Stars – Behold

Denis Brogniart and the teams of TF1 have already gone back to filming for the purposes of the fifth season of Koh-Lanta All Stars. The destination has also just unveiled.

More is known about the next season of Koh-Lanta ! At the time TF1 unveils the first episodes of the 18th edition, producer, moderator, and candidates of the next edition All Stars have returned to the filming location. And that is the Fiji islands, the destination of the current season of broadcast, that the whole troop fled at the beginning of October. Denis Brogniart has shared on Twitter their stopover in China. The place has therefore once again been validated by Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the producer of the show, which has fallen for “the beauty of its landscapes” based on information from the TV Mag.

Transit at Hong Kong airport where it is 35 degrees! Good Sunday friends. Travel broadens the mind, said my father!!! Good we pic.twitter.com/Wfcuddv5Jo

— Denis Brogniart (@DenisBrogniart) October 8, 2017

>>> Koh-Lanta : here’s what the candidates are blacklisted by the prod’ for the next edition of all stars

Side candidates, you shall see no Jeff, Wafa, Frederick or Mary after their participation in the programs of reality tv Friends Trip and The Angels. The production considers that ” after making these games […] they no longer have the aura of an adventurer “. No information has, however, been leaked regarding the selected candidates, even if some names are expected for this next edition in course of preparation. We should thus find Karima, Lau, Julie, or Yassin for the fifth season of Koh-Lanta All Stars. Verdict next spring.

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