Koh-Lanta Fiji : estranged from his father, Magalie has reconnected with him thanks to the show – Here

Nobody escapes the family stories. Magalie, a candidate Koh-Lanta Fiji, had not spoken to his father since many years. A silence in which she was able to put an end thanks to the program.

Koh-Lanta is an adventure full of emotions and definitely gives visibility to its participants. This exposure to the media can to some to reconnect with their family members. In 2016, Cecilia Koh-Lanta Thailand was able to see his father after years of absence. Koh-Lanta Cambodia allowed Frank to reconnect with his daughter, and this year, the strategic e-Mail has been reunited with his father, who was contacted through the dissemination of his portrait. And this season, e-Mail is not the only one in this case.

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Magalie has not always, of course, with his progenitor. To Téléstar, the dancer of 30 years said that Koh-Lanta had allowed him to communicate again with his father : “I do not [him] have not spoken for eleven years. Without doubt because of the strained relationship he had with [my mother] that I am very immature “, she says. If it has not given details about his future on the show, and his reunion with his father is already a victory : “From Koh-Lanta […] it is rediscovered. It is my number one fan “. The magic of television.

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