Koh-Lanta All Stars : the full cast for the upcoming season unveiled – Here

While the current adventurers of the 18th season of Koh-Lanta just come and reunite with former candidates have also found their way to shoot the upcoming season of the version of All Stars.

The filming of the fifth season of the edition All Stars of Koh-Lanta has started for several days. The host Denis Brogniart shared on Twitter many pictures of the Fiji islands where there are currently records. And if one knew until then, the broadcast period, it was still unaware of the identities of the eighteen candidates selected to retry their luck in the adventure game of TF1.

Pleasure of the eyes friends this morning for me in Fiji. So much preserved and sumptuous this place. #boutdumonde fine sand as white as snow pic.twitter.com/S4BY43vL0H

— Denis Brogniart (@DenisBrogniart) October 25, 2017

A few days ago, TV Magazine revealed that Clémence Castel, the winner in 2005, the extravagant Julie of treasure island, Alban de Koh-Lanta Johor and Yassin, the quiet strength of Cambodia would be of the party. And the Parisian up today the veil on the rest of the cast.

The accomplices Candice and Jeremy of treasure island will be part of the adventure, just like the strategic Pascal and the lovely Cassandra of adventure in thailand. Dylan and Clementine Koh-Lanta Cambodia will also make their return. On the side of Koh-Lanta Johor, Chantal and Cedric have been selected. Tiffany, a candidate of the program currently broadcast, which was called at the last minute to replace the right Karima. Javier and Olivier in seasons 11 and 12 will join also the Fiji islands. Raphaële, a former Miss season 9, Nathalie of the 8th season and Ludovic, candidate eleven years ago, will also have the honor to repeat the experience. Rendez-vous next spring !

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