Known the fate of the devoted friend of the freed sailors: “as soon as you get the ship, he…”

Известна судьба самого преданного друга освобожденных моряков: «как только получат судно, он...»

Freed sailors called his friend, 25-m crew member

The capture of the Russians tug “Yana mouthpiece” of Jessie bitten by the Russian strongman.

Captive Ukrainian soldiers were worried about the animal even more than about yourself. It is therefore not surprising that Jesse would return to his crew. The father of the Ukrainian Navy Serhiy Coleby, who was recently released from prison, told when this will happen, writes UKRINFORM.

Известна судьба самого преданного друга освобожденных моряков: «как только получат судно, он...»

Dog Jessie with the Ukrainian military tug “Yana Kapu”, captured by the FSB off the coast of Crimea 25 November 2018, was also in captivity.

During the capture of the ship, said the commander of the tug Oleg Melnychuk, Jesse was hiding in his cabin and the Russians at first did not know that she was there. “They did not know, and as they sat, she was bitten by one. She apparently realized what was happening, and began to act accordingly,” – said Melnychuk.

Later, almost eight months after the seizure, the Russians agreed to give the Ukrainian side the dog. Jesse sheltered in the family of captive Ukrainian sailor Sergei Coleby in the Kherson region. Negotiations on the return of the dog was conducted four months.

Sergey’s father Roman told us that the sailors will get Jesse, but a little later: “They don’t have much choice to pick up, no ship.”

According to him, Jesse feels well and made friends with cats.

“As soon as we return home, my hands and feet poblizhe, kisses. It is the largest and commands in the yard ” — said the father of mechanics Coleby.

Recall that a Russian human rights activist Anastasia St. George on his page at social network Facebook told me about life in a Russian prison prisoner of war of the Ukrainian sailor Vladimir Tereshchenko.

According to her, Vladimir and other members of the crew in Russian prisons was very concerned for Jesse – a dog that served with them on the ship. The investigator even called to Kerch, to learn her fate.

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“Her ship is not found immediately, but now she’s fine, she’s fattening him up and feels great. I asked if we can take the investigator promised to learn how to do” – shared then the lawyer.

Известна судьба самого преданного друга освобожденных моряков: «как только получат судно, он...»

We will remind that on 25 November 2018 Russian soldiers with weapons captured in the area of the Kerch Strait the Ukrainian Navy ships — tug “Yana Kapu” and small armored artillery boat “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol”. The ships were sent from Odessa to Berdyansk. During the capture of three Ukrainian sailors were injured. Only Russians were captured 24 sailors.

Recall that the Russians cowardly knock testimony of captured Ukrainian sailors.

As reported Politeka, captured Ukrainian sailors spoil the life in Russia for installing on top.

Also Politeka wrote that a prisoner Ukrainian sailor put in place by the FSB.