Known lead shot in the capital: “received threats”, the first details

Известную ведущую расстреляли в столице: «получала угрозы», первые подробности

Known TV presenter shot dead in the capital. The attack took place near the market

The brutal murder occurred on the morning of Saturday, may 11. In Afghanistan was shot by unknown local journalist MENA Mangal. The victim was widely known in his country, he worked as an Advisor on culture in the Afghan Parliament and defended the rights of women.

The attack occurred early morning in Kabul, close to the local market the Map of NAU. According to eyewitnesses, the journalist was shot by two motorcyclists. First one of them fired several shots into the air to disperse the crowd, and then shot twice in Maine.

After that, the attackers fled from the scene. Currently, local police are investigating the case.

Известную ведущую расстреляли в столице: «получала угрозы», первые подробности

MENA Mangal more than ten years, he led programs on private Afghan TV channels Ariana TV, Shamshad TV and Lamar. She actively shared their thoughts on social networks and advocated for the rights of Afghan women to work and study. The journalist also mentioned that in 2017 she was forced to marry against her will. In early may, she was divorced. It is known that in recent Mangal received threatening letters.

Известную ведущую расстреляли в столице: «получала угрозы», первые подробности

Earlier it was reported that on may 9 the couple of farmers were shot in the village Shypynky Vinnytsia region.

The dead body of the owner and his wife with gunshot wounds was discovered on the morning of may 9 in the territory of their farms, reports GU Ministry of emergency Vinnytsia region.

May 9, about 8 a.m., line 102 received a call from one of the locals that discovered the bodies of two people without signs of life.

Killed 47-year-old man and 42-year-old woman — the residents of the farm that grew the apples.

The complex of actions for establishment and detention of the persons involved in double murder.

Recall that a family was shot in their own home: there are details of violence.

As reported Politeka, the Deputy was shot dead near Parliament announced the first details of the tragedy.

Also Politeka wrote that the inhabitant of Odessa region went out with an axe and shot a car to the police.