Known criminal authority riddled in front of the camera

Известного криминального авторитета изрешетили прямо перед камерой

Russian police are investigating the murder of criminal authority of Alexander Zestakova. The former leader of one of the local gangs shot dead on the night of 27 July in one of the bars in the city of Novokuznetsk, where he celebrated the release from prison, according to

As seen in the video, filmed by a surveillance camera, the incident occurred in the midst of the holiday – when Zhestokov talked with friends, the school came a man in a hood and sunglasses and took a few shots to his back, and then left the school.

The panic and confusion that began no one rushed to catch the killer, and the authority died on the spot.

Известного криминального авторитета изрешетили прямо перед камерой

Investigators arrived on the scene found bullet casings from a Makarov pistol. Russian television, citing Russia’s Investigative Committee reported that in fact the incident a criminal case under article “Murder”. The investigation is ongoing.

Murder in Novokuznetsk

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