Known cause of failure losing weight: what not to do

Известна причина провала худеющих: чего не стоит делать

Scientists have solved, what is the reason for the failure of slimming people

It turned out that the more people losing weight measure your weight, the better results they can achieve.

American scientists came to the conclusion that daily weigh stimulates losing weight faster to achieve its goal in the fight against excess weight.

The study involved about a thousand people who have been fighting with excess weight. The scientists watched them over the years. Among other data, the doctors found out just how much weighed for the experiment. Depending on how often people recognize their weight, they were divided into groups.

Известна причина провала худеющих: чего не стоит делать

After a year scientists summed. It turned out that those who were weighed once a week over the year did not achieve significant results. Moreover, some of them not only did not get rid of weight, but gained additional.

Among those who were weighed each day, the percentage of failures was very low. All subjects in this group there was a reduction of weight during the year. Those who have learned my weight a few times a week, the results were closer to those, which reached the supporters of the daily weighing.

According to experts, probably, control actually weight shows the interest of a person in losing weight. In addition, changing the numbers on the scales are a great incentive to continue to lose weight or to make more of an effort. Those who don’t follow the constant changes of its weight during the weight loss is likely just not ready to commit to that effort.

Известна причина провала худеющих: чего не стоит делать

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