Know what will work Poroshenko after care: the first details

Стало известно, кем будет работать Порошенко после ухода: первые подробности

The inhabitants of Lviv region has demanded from the authorities to appoint the head of the Lviv regional administration of the current President of Petro Poroshenko

“In connection with the results of the elections of the community of Lviv requires to appoint the Chairman of the Lviv regional state administration Poroshenko Petr Alekseevich”, — said the “Outpost” activist Oleg Radik.

Стало известно, кем будет работать Порошенко после ухода: первые подробности

It is known that such a love to the former guarantor in the Lviv region was expected even before the elections. However, after the second round was that the region is the only area in which Poroshenko whitewashed with 62% of the vote.

We will note, earlier it became known that the acting head of the Lviv regional administration Oleg sinyutka down from office.

Earlier it was reported that even after realizing his defeat to Vladimir Zelensky in the second round, the incumbent President can’t resign. April 21, Ukrainians voted for a new leader of the country. Dmitry Razumkov, the consultant team Zelensky, spoke about the manipulation practically of the former President on his page in Facebook.

While the Central election Commission counts the votes, Petro Poroshenko continues to harm the competitor. According to the analyst, the first “scoop” of dirt in the side of Vladimir Zelensky was the decision of the court on the nationalization of “PrivatBank”. He recalled that Petro Poroshenko have long boasted of judicial reform. But now his decision unlawful.

“Based on this there are four options, or one of the “curators up on the courts” have agreed with Kolomoisky, or so screwed to the new President, or no one system was unable to reform, and as such she was, or nationalization was carried out with violations of procedures. Question: what does Zelensky?” – asked Dmitry Razumkov.

Стало известно, кем будет работать Порошенко после ухода: первые подробности

The second “scoop” of steel hints Petro Poroshenko, they say, the Ukrainians need to defend the European choice of Ukraine from the “revanchists”. The representative Zelensky said that the comedian broke off the attempt of the President to put his own sparring partners: “we Must protect from corruption, schemes, from nepotism, from looting in the army, a lot more then. But with the country’s direction is clear – it is the path to Europe, and then Ukraine has made its final decision”.

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