Knight remains behind bars

granbyen-marco-chevalier-restera-ombre(Granby) Marco Chevalier will not be released anytime soon. Canada Parole Board (NPB) refused to grant complete freedom, and even a parole, the individual convicted of sexual assault of four women because of a risk of recurrence considered too high .

“The committee believes that expansion at this stage of the award is premature and poses an undue risk to society. She did not lose sight of the significant severity and consequences of the offenses, which reflect a severe worsening of your crime, which now has a level of violence and serious damage, “write the commissioners to consider the request.

Mr. Knight is serving a sentence of eight years and two months since July 2013. He sexually assaulted three prostitutes and a 16-year-old in 2008. Granbyen, who pleaded guilty to most charges, made use false pretenses to raise most of them in his vehicle and used intimidation claiming to be a member of a criminal organization. He was violent with two of them. After the assault, he abandoned them along isolated roads, said the PBC.

“Your actors describe your persistent crime and polymorphic, we read in the recent ruling. The offenses causing this pain represent a severe worsening of your tort dynamic. ”

His personal and emotional life, his attitude and substance abuse are contributing factors to his crime. His case management team believes that its crimes are part of a context where Marco Chevalier lived a sense of failure and incomprehension at impersonal marital relations. “Your difficulties with sexuality also contributed to tension within your couple relationships, rooting gradually into a state of frustration against women in general,” it said in the document of six pages.

Le Granbyen, whose criminal record dates back to 1989, said he had an unbridled consumption of amphetamines in December 2007, which resulted in a weight loss and positive effect on its image. His ecstasy use have also spawned a disinhibition and increased libido. His lifestyle was so focused on raves and people with questionable morals. That’s when he began to frequent prostitutes he deemed vulnerable and less likely to reject it.

Anger and manipulation

The psychiatrist in charge of expertise conducted in 2011 pointed out that his associations with prostitutes allowed him to evacuate strong anger possibly in connection with its relational and sexual past failures. He also highlighted the presence of a paraphilia and an abuse of amphetamines in recent complete remission and antisocial and dependent personality traits.

According to his case management team, Marco Chevalier, 46, tends to show in a favorable light in his contacts with others and to manipulate information to his advantage.

His levels of motivation and accountability are considered moderate, as its reintegration potential.

The man managed treatment program in high intensity sex offender. He completed an undergraduate maintenance of acquired in July 2015 and a second in April 2016. According to his case management team, he must pursue his thoughts and efforts, particularly in terms of managing emotions, transparency and its need for recovery.

“Despite your progress, the fact remains that certain elements of your offending cycle and your risk factors are still present and need to be worked, the commissioners wrote. Among others, you need to look good is still in evidence, you still and difficulty to control your emotions and you have a tendency to have a calculated attitude. These are elements that are considered to be the heart of your offending cycle. ”

According to the curators, Marco Knight presents an incomplete and distortionnée analysis of facts surrounding the passage to the act. He still does not understand the reasons why some of the victims to refuse sex when they were sex workers.

His case management team also believes his exit plan is not realistic and is questioning the level of supervision that would get close to him.

Rather than studying a new request for parole in six months, the commission will hold a new hearing when his case management team will find that it has achieved the objectives set out their correctional plan.

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